Blackberry 10 Will Have More Apps than Any Other OS at Launch!

With the release of the Blackberry Playbook, it has been speculated that it was a large scale beta test for the new QNX operating system. It seems to make sense and then to push out the mobile Dev Blackberry 10 devices during the latter, it would make more sense that RIM has had a ploy to […]

BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR Beta is now available for download

For all you developers out there that work within Adobe AIR, the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Air Beta is now available for download.  This SDK will allow for easy ports of existing Adobe AIR based apps, and will hopefully help to bulk up the number of BlackBerry 10 apps available at launch time.  While you […]

“BlackBerry Market Shrinking” Myth Busted! 70 Million Active Subscribers!

RIM has been in the news with reports of them being inched out by Android, But with great news of the Blackberry Playbook rocking RIM sales. So it should not come as to any surprise that RIM has crushed a myth that the “Blackberry Market is Shrinking” There are currently 70 million active subscribers, 20 million […]

Integrating with the BBM Social Platform, One Step At A Time, Check Out The Blackberry Developer’s Webcast Series

There are 3 separate webcasts spread out over the course of a week. These will definitely be helpful for new Developers and Developers who could use a bit more knowledge. Here are the dates and times: Step 1: Viral Distribution and the BBM Contact List Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Time: 2:00 PM EST / […]

BlackBerry App World 3.0 for BlackBerry Smartphones Screenshot Leaked!

We have been hearing news of Blackberry App World to be updated soon. Information was sent to developers of the new Blackberry App World update, along with a new Blackberry App World webstore. Well today this leaked image from, gives us a sneak peak at Blackberry App World 3.0 application for Blackberry Smartphones. The […]

Blackberry App World Webstore Gets Refreshed Look!

Yesterday, there was information sent to developers of the new Blackberry App World update, today browsing around it seems the the new app world is taking shape. The new Blackberry App World webstore has a total new UI and it looks better and definitely more attractive than the previous. The main page is smoother […]

Press Release: Perfecto Mobile Offers BlackBerry Developers Free Cloud-Based Testing and Collaboration Services

Exclusive Offering Provides BlackBerry Application Developer Groups Free Access to Live BlackBerry Smartphones Worldwide Boston – Perfecto Mobile, a provider of cloud-based mobile testing, today announced the free availability of its MobileCloud to members of the BlackBerry developer community.  Through this exclusive offer, BlackBerry developers will receive free hours each month to use Perfecto’s MobileCloud […]