Twitter for BlackBerry OS Devices Updated in the Beta Zone

BlackBerry has released an update to Twitter for BlackBerry (T4BB) to version This update is currently available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Stay connected to the people, information and news you care about on Twitter®, with the high-quality experience you expect on a BlackBerry Smartphone. What’s New in Twitter for BlackBerry V5.0.0.3? New Features: […]

Client for Instagram now available for legacy BlackBerry devices

Talk about a blast from the past The Jared Company has launched a native Instagram client for legacy BlackBerry users and abusers! Their latest application dubbed Client for Instagram is currently available for the majority of the legacy devices out there. ** You can comment on a photo by using the menu key on your […]

Hear A Sample Of BlackBerry’s Natural Sound Technology

The above is a sound clip that shows off BlackBerry’s Natural Sound Technology. For now it is just a feature in BBM calls but hopefully will come to phone calls. If you listen to the clip above, the difference in sound quality becomes apparent right away. I find that in regular smartphones call quality hasn’t […]

BlackBerry’s Newest Interim CEO Is Saying BlackBerry Is Going To Keep Making Smartphones

A whirlwind of news today about BlackBerry. Some surprising and some not. BlackBerry is still going forward with making smartphones. This is admirable considering their manufacturer is bailing on them, sales have been down and they are laying off people left and right. Newly appointed interim CEO John S.Chen has a lot on his plate […]

BlackBerry’s Manufacturing Partner Jabil Circuit

BlackBerry is up for sale, laying off workers, having poor sales, what’s next? Jabil Circuit, clearly unnerved by the recent news, wants to sever ties with BlackBerry. Jabil Circuit is BlackBerry’s manufacturing partner, so if they leave, how will they make devices? BlackBerry just can’t catch a break these days. Jabil CEO Mark Mondello said […]

Twitter for legacy BlackBerry devices updated in Beta Zone

BlackBerry has just sent out an email to us letting us know that they have updated Twitter for BlackBerry legacy devices to version Version is currently available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and is ready for download. This update brings some new features, so be sure to check out the change log below! […]

Sprint Is Launching Their Own Early Upgrade Program Soon

So soon apparently it is on September 20th. A little after everyone else, Sprint is going to have their own early upgrade program. Their program is dubbed Sprint One Up according to CNET. How it works is users can pay for devices in monthly installments with trade-in upgrades coming after one year. It’s not really […]

BlackBerry US Market Share Increases By 300% According To StatCounter

The latest stats from StatCounter indicate that BlackBerry is on the rise the US. The market share as of late increased from 1.4% to 4.45%. That works out to a 300% increase! Which is about 4.1 million devices sold. And then in the chart below you can see the day to day graphs of increases. […]

Twitter for BlackBerry v4.2 Now Available for Legacy BlackBerry Devices in BlackBerry World

An updated version of Twitter has been released for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5 and higher. Available as a free download on the BlackBerry World storefront, Twitter version 4.2 makes it easier than ever to express yourself and stay connected on the globally popular social network while on the go. Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones […]

BlackBerry Doing Really Well In The Canadian Market

I am sure that there are a ton of people who called it, and others who doubted that it was possible. But BlackBerry is turning around their Canadian market share.

VIA Rail Employees Adopt BlackBerry Smartphones.

The VIA Rail system in Canada will be making some changes to the way they operate day to day.   In the near future the will change quite a few things to streamline the boarding process for customers.  Hit the break for all of the details.

Kayak “dropping active support” for BlackBerry Devices

Kayak is a site for travelers founded by the co-founders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. Kayak has decided to  “dropping active support” for BlackBerry Devices. Hit the break for more info.

BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 Coming in White!?

Of all of the Blackberry OS 7 devices, I really like the 9850/9860! And the great thing is that we may be getting the exclusive color that we all love, White! Although BBOS, stated the image has not been confirmed, I definitely would love the have this hawt Blackberry in my Nerdy hands!!!

Carrier IQ Details about what Information is Collected from Your Smartphone

When we first heard news of CarrierIQ of how it was a major breech in Blackberry Security, being it that it was secretly tracking everything you do on your Blackberry. RIM has stated that although there is a Carrier IQ app available for download, but RIM says, they do not install the software or require carriers to do […]

Carrier IQ is NOT installed on BlackBerry Devices

Yesterday we told you about Carrier IQ and how it secretly tracks you. Today, Mark Sohm, a BlackBerry Development Adviser, posted this statement in the BlackBerry support forums: