Zombie Attack Game Updated

With 50 new levels added! For a limited time you can get the 250 levels free for (normally 99 cents) download. This is the game to have for Halloween as the characters are appropriately dressed in costumes.

LodeRunner: the Legend For Blackberry

The game actually predates me, coming all the way back from 1983. Now in Blackberry smartphone format. I love the simplicity of these games, just a nice way to kill time without putting a lot of thought into it. And this isn’t a free version it’s the full game!

Bomberman Vs Zombies Premium Edition Is Free For Only A Limited Time

No reason for why Bomberman Vs Zombies is free, but we ain’t complaining! Hurry because this offer is only around for a limited time. It is for Blackberry smartphones running OS 4.6 and up. Game Description: Irresistible game!!! Action, explosions, zombies and a real Hero Bomberman! All these and even more in a super new […]

Cut It! Game For Blackberry Gets Updated to v1.5.7

Cut It! The game that is just like Cut the Rope, got updated to v1.5.7. The big update this time is 36 new levels were added!

Jewelled Game For Blackberry Lets You Challenge Your Friends Via BBM Connect

Jeweled for Blackberry is like Bejeweled. You have to line up at least three of the same jewels in a row for them to disappear and you to collect points. You only get a certain amount of time to clear them out. BBM Connect comes into play because you can challenge your friends scores. This […]

Word Craze Game, Free To Download, Appeals To Scrabble And Crossword Lovers

SRID Games has put out a different kind of word game. This version has you playing with only 5 letters and you have to form a word with them in a limited amount of time. Once you get your score, you can challenge your friends on BBM to beat it.

Peggle Game For Blackberry

Clear each level by shooting at the specific colored peg. You only get a certain number of balls, so it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are 75 challenges in all.

Cut The Thread Game For Blackberry

Cut The Thread isn’t really a good title for this game. I am thinking Feed The Puppy Something would be more accurate. In the vain of cut the rope, you must cut the thread to get the item to the puppy. It gets more challenging as you pass each level.

Zombie Hunter Game Now Available in Free Version for Your Blackberry

Smarter Apps has recently released a free version of Vampire Hunter, you are a renowned Hunter, slayer of zombies, werewolves, demonic plants, and no stranger to the creatures of the night: vampires. Now, your latest assignment has taken you to a small village being terrorized by vampires and their minions – at least it isn’t […]

Vampire Hunter Game For Your Blackberry

Vampire Hunter game from SmarterApps was just released for Blackberry smartphones. As a Hunter, it is your job to defend the village against vampires. This game includes 45 levels and an assortment of weapons to help you with your challenges.

Get Free Angry Worm Game From Blackberry App World

Angry Worm for Blackberry is pretty much like Snakes. You guide the worm to collect leaves and apples and avoid obstacles.