BlackBerry ID (BBID) Now Integrated with the BlackBerry Vendor Portal

Well that did not take BlackBerry very long to get the the BBID or BlackBerry ID intergrated with the BlackBerry World Vendor Portal. Just yesterday BlackBerry sent out an email to all registered BlackBerry Vendor’s letting us know that the BBID integration was now live and it also offers a step-by-step on how to get […]


Blackberry ID Replaces Backup/Restore Function For BBM Never Lose Your Contact List Again

BBM 7 comes with a major update. Before you had to manually back up and restore your contact list, what if you forgot to back it up? Then you might not get it back. Many BBM users have a ton of people on their list so this could be a major inconvenience trying to remember […]

BlackBerry 10 Jam Zone moves to BlackBerry ID login

We are now starting to see the beginnings of RIM moving their products over to a single unified login.  The BlackBerry 10 Jam Zone has now moved over to BlackBerry ID login, which makes it much easier for those of you that use multiple devices.  We will eventually see this same process makes its way to […]

Fake BlackBerry ID Email Spreading Computer Viruses

There have been email circulating that tell the recipient that their BlackBerry ID has been created.  Unfortunately these emails are fake and are attempting to spread viruses to the unlucky person who opens the ZIP file attached to the email.

Video: Changing your BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Video describing how to change the BlackBerry ID that a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is registered with

How To: Set up Your Email Accounts on BlackBerry 7

If you’ve just purchased or plan on purchasing a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 7 OS, one of the first things you should do is set up your email address(es). (Be sure to check out our other post about setting up BlackBerry smartphone email accounts if you’ve got a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 6 OS or […]

Upcoming BlackBerry ID API for Developers – One ID to Rule Them All

BerryReview had another discussion with Mike Kirkup this discussion was focused on the new BlackBerry ID. As most of you that follow BlackBerry news know, BlackBerry ID is a idea that has been thrown around for a cool minute. As more information regarding OS 7 is released, BlackBerry ID has been mentioned many, many times.  […]

Blackberry ID Questions Answered By RIM

I am sure many of you have a lot of questions regarding Blackberry ID. RIM has nicely put together an assortment of questions and answers, which I am sure will be very helpful. What applications can I use my BlackBerry ID with? As of May 2011, BlackBerry App World, BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry News are […]

BlackBerry ID makes an Appearance in the Latest 9800 Leak

As you can see from the screen capture above BB ID is in the newest version of the 9800 OS that have been leaked on the interwebs. In the past this has shown up before but not loaded in an OS with easy access for the user. Big shout out to BerryReview for uncovering this!