BlackBerry Jam Americas Sessions now available

This year BlackBerry decided to host both BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas together at the same time in the same location. This was huge as it mad it very easy for everyone to attend both events. Well if you were not able to attend you don’t have to worry as the BlackBerry Jam Sessions […]

Devs: BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, Giving Rise to Headless Applications

We having been hearing for sometime the ability for BlackBerry 10 applications to run in the background known as Headless applications, well the BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, is kicking off just the information and session devs will need to know if you want to know exactly how to add headless applications. JAM06 – Built for BlackBerry: System […]

Vote Now For The 2013 BlackBerry Developer Community Awards

BlackBerry has put up the finalists on their website for the BlackBerry Developer Community Awards. It’s been narrowed down from the nominations. They want you to start voting, as voting closes on May 12th.

BlackBerry Jam Americas session catalog now available

BlackBerry has released the session catalog for BlackBerry Jam Americas in Orlando! Currently there are over 60 sessions and 7 hands-on labs, you can bet your butt that there will be more added to the catalog in the coming days and weeks. Session content will provide the knowledge, insights and skills you need to develop […]

BlackBerry Jam Unplugged: Headless Applications

We having been hearing for sometime the ability for BlackBerry 10 applications to run in the background known as Headless applications, well in the latest video in the BlackBerry Jam Unplugged series, BlackBerry has given us more insight to what is coming up for the release of headless applications on BlackBerry 10. Mobile Link

Check out BlackBerry Jam Unplugged

With BlackBerry Jam Americas taking place next month, the BlackBerry Developers Blog has put together some funny and educational videos for all of you developers. The series is appropriately titled BlackBerry Jam Unplugged. Last year we started sharing roadmaps for our tools and APIs with our community, and now we’re looking to give that information […]

BlackBerry Live Early Bird Offer Ending Today!

BlackBerry Live Conference is coming the sooner you register the more you’ll save! Register now so you can take  advantage of the Early Bird Rate – save $100 off the regular rate and even more if you attended the BlackBerry conference last year. That’s right if you qualify for Alumni Discount you can save an additional $150 USD. Hit the jump to […]

Registration is Now Open for BlackBerry Jam Americas

Registration is now open for BlackBerry® Jam Americas at BlackBerry Live™, May 14-16 in Orlando, Florida. The conference is our way of showing that we’re enthusiastic about the success of our outstanding customers, developers and dedicated partners. This year’s event is all about:

BlackBerry World (Conference) Becomes BlackBerry Live!

With the change in the naming of the new BlackBerry App World to a new moniker BlackBerry World, I began to wonder what would be the name for the BlackBerry World (Conference), formally WES, held annually that will be this year in May? Well RIM just let us know that the BlackBerry World conference will be […]

Blackberry Jam Americas Sessions Now Online

RIM and Desire2Learn have put up slideshow and audio content from Blackberry Jam Americas San Jose for anyone who may have missed it or couldn’t attend. This is valuable info for developers and you should take full advantage of it.

BlackBerry DevBlog interviews Wolfgang Damm, Chief Development Architect at Wikitude

With the launch of BlackBerry 7 one of the coolest things we started to see what the inclusion of augmented reality into the platform.  The main app that provided us with augmented reality at the get go was Wikitude, and with the Wikitude for BlackBerry 10 SDK being made available to BlackBerry 10 developers we […]

Mobile Innovations Says 10-4 to BB10 For Law Enforcement At BlackBerry Jam Americas and IACP 2012

Mobile Innovations CTO Geof Bosworth returned from BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 last week, with his new Alpha BB10 Device, just in time to say hello and good bye to his company’s President Gary Bauer. Bauer was heading off to attend the 119th International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Expo in San Diego, from […]

Alec Saunders Ends Blackberry Jam In His Own Way

Alec Saunders wrote a nice note on the Inside Blackberry Developer Blog. As you know Blackberry Jam Americas has ended and Alec had some words to say about it. He sums up the events and how working for RIM for the past year has been.

RIM Announces BlackBerry Developer Community Awards Winners

At Blackberry Jam Americas today RIM announced the Blackberry Developer Community Awards Winners. If you’ll remember, a few weeks back we mentioned the awards and the nominating. Here are the results! Must-Follow BlackBerry Developer on Twitter Jerome Carty (@jcarty) – Software Engineer developing BlackBerry® PlayBook and smartphone apps under Kisai Labs, Blaq for PlayBook Dev […]

BlackBerry Jam Americas: Show Highlights and Attendee Excitement

Mobile Link Alex, Donny and Luke from the Inside BlackBerry Blogs recap the week, sharing BlackBerry 10 news and attendee excitement from BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012

See Your CPU Memory Stats On Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha

If you are at all curious about CPU Memory stats then here is the way to find it out on the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha: Swipe down diagonally on the top left corner of the screen you will get an overlay on the bottom left side of the screen. This will show you CPU usage, […]

Facebook For Blackberry 10 Shown Off At Blackberry Jam Americas

What’s Blackberry 10 without Facebook? Really, probably the most popular app ever is definitely going to be on BB10. It was shown in a demo at Blackberry Jam Americas. Hit the break for a quick video preview.

RIM Gives Developers the Arduino Uno Microcontroller at BlackBerry Jam Americas

Research In Motion was handing out the Arduino Uno microcontroller to developers that filled out a survey about their experience at BlackBerry Jam Americas. The Arduino Uno microcontroller is a do-it-yourself PCB board that is for open source prototyping. The board gets you started on building your own robot to controlling your TV.

BlackBerry 10 Gaming get video demo at BlackBerry Jam Americas

The Inside BlackBerry Blog has posted some great videos during BlackBerry Jam Americas this year.  One of the areas that everyone is hoping BlackBerry 10 will succeed is in gaming.  Hit the break to check out some video demos of the what developers have been working on for BlackBerry 10.

Cisco WebEx App At Blackberry Jam Americas

Cisco WebEx was shown off at Blackberry Jam Americas. The plan is to have the web conferencing app available once Blackberry 10 launches early next year. Check out the video below to see the interview with the Cisco Team.