BlackBerry Jam Direct Enterprise Virtual Conference set for February 26

BlackBerry just let us now that they will be hosting a BlackBerry Jam Direct Enterprise Virtual Conference on February 26 (Wed) at 10:30 am Eastern. This conference is to discuss the development of cross-platform enterprise apps with BlackBerry. Targeted at both developers and business decision makers, a focal point of the live broadcast will be […]

BBM Desktop edition gets shown off at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013

This is not a huge surprise to many of us BlackBerry abusers, but to some this maybe a huge deal. Umm, who am I kidding this is a huge deal for all of us! During BlackBerry Jam Asia, Alec Saunders and Chris Smith showed the attendees. The version of BBM they showed seemed to be […]

Devs check out the BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions

This is cool if you are developer and are looking to get some needed hands on time with developing for BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry is holding “BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions” that are set to take place in Washington DC on 9/10/2013, Austin TX on 9/12/2013, and Atlanta GA on 9/17/2013.  “These Sessions will take you through […]

BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK launching tomorrow – Be sure to register for BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual event

Tomorrow the BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK qill be available to all of you developers out there! The BlackBerry Jam Virtual Conference is all about BlackBerry 10.2 SDK. Since it’s virtual, anyone can attend. They are covering a lot of ground on UI Framework and new features like QNX Momentics IDE. It’s happening August 14th 2pm-5pm […]

Qualified devs attending BlackBerry Jam Asia will receive a Dev Alpha C

Well developers you will be happy to know that if you are attending BlackBerry Jam Asia which takes place in Hong Kong on September 26th and 27th you will receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C device, if you are a qualified developer of course! To help prepare for the next wave of mobile users, […]

BlackBerry Opens Up Registration For BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013

BlackBerry Jam Asia is coming up in September and now you can register to attend the event. The conference is from Sept 26th to the 27th and is packed full of stuff to see and do. A Full Conference Pass gives access to BlackBerry Jam Asia, 26-27 September, 2013. It includes: BlackBerry Jam Asia General […]

A BlackBerry Jam Event Everyone Can Attend…

Because it is virtual! BlackBerry is holding BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference on July 25th. This event is going to be about game development. And features BlackBerry Head of Gaming, Anders Jeppsson and game designer, Jane McGonigal. It’s going to be a can’t miss event! The starting time is 11am EST and should end at […]

BlackBerry Jam Asia And BlackBerry Jam Europe Gets Dates

BlackBerry Jam Asia is coming Sept 26-27 2013 in Hong Kong. BlackBerry Jam Europe will be happening in Barcelona January 14-15th 2014. That’s pretty much all the information that is available now. But you can sign up for more details as they come, BlackBerry Jam Asia here, and BlackBerry Jam Europe here. Source:BR

Devs: BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, Giving Rise to Headless Applications

We having been hearing for sometime the ability for BlackBerry 10 applications to run in the background known as Headless applications, well the BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, is kicking off just the information and session devs will need to know if you want to know exactly how to add headless applications. JAM06 – Built for BlackBerry: System […]

Check Out BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam Video – Belgrade

Mobile Link The BlackBerry Jam continues to roll and recently made a stop in Belgrade, with well over 400 developers were in attendance. The BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan will continue the BlackBerry VIP parties in more countries! BlackBerry 10 Jam in Belgrade was organized by BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan that takes care of BlackBerry Developer Relations in […]

Flurry Mobile Analytics coming to BlackBerry 10

If you are a developer I am sure you are aware of the lack of analytics for BlackBerry 10.  Even BlackBerry themselves have not released their analytics software for BlackBerry 10 as of yet, but that has not stopped third-party developers from filling the void.  There are some opensource alternatives, but it now appears that […]

BlackBerry Jam Americas session catalog now available

BlackBerry has released the session catalog for BlackBerry Jam Americas in Orlando! Currently there are over 60 sessions and 7 hands-on labs, you can bet your butt that there will be more added to the catalog in the coming days and weeks. Session content will provide the knowledge, insights and skills you need to develop […]

BlackBerry Jam Unplugged: Headless Applications

We having been hearing for sometime the ability for BlackBerry 10 applications to run in the background known as Headless applications, well in the latest video in the BlackBerry Jam Unplugged series, BlackBerry has given us more insight to what is coming up for the release of headless applications on BlackBerry 10. Mobile Link

Check out BlackBerry Jam Unplugged

With BlackBerry Jam Americas taking place next month, the BlackBerry Developers Blog has put together some funny and educational videos for all of you developers. The series is appropriately titled BlackBerry Jam Unplugged. Last year we started sharing roadmaps for our tools and APIs with our community, and now we’re looking to give that information […]

BlackBerry 10 Jam in Belgrade

Intomobile’s Dusan Belic attended the BlackBerry Jam in Belgrade a few days ago.   There were quite a few different things that were shown to the attendees of the Jam. One of the new features was the Peak feature of the new UI called Flow, in addition the TimeShift camera mode and Hub messaging system were also shown. 

Registration is Now Open for BlackBerry Jam Americas

Registration is now open for BlackBerry® Jam Americas at BlackBerry Live™, May 14-16 in Orlando, Florida. The conference is our way of showing that we’re enthusiastic about the success of our outstanding customers, developers and dedicated partners. This year’s event is all about:

Watch The BlackBerry Jam Europe Marmalade Demo

Check out this demo of Nick from the Marmalade team who is able to create a Blackberry 10 app very quickly. He was interviewed and gave the demo at BlackBerry Jam Europe.

BlackBerry Jam Europe Keynote Playback Now Available

If you were not able to attend BlackBerry Jam Europe or just flat out missed the keynote you will be very happy to know it is now available for playback right to your PC or Mac. The General Session was held on Tuesday, 5 February at 10:30 CET. If you enjoyed Alec Saunders and the dev […]

Inside BlackBerry DevBlog Interviews With Jerome Carty And Kyle Fowler

The Inside BlackBerry DevBlog has posted up a few interviews today that they had with some of the developers that are over in Amsterdam for BlackBerry Jam Europe.  Two of the more known devs, Jerome Carty (Blaq) and Kyle Fowler (Foursquare), took some time to chat with Alex Kinsella about BlackBerry 10 and their individual […]

BlackBerry Provides Updates to Developers at BlackBerry Jam Europe

BlackBerry announces updates to SDKs, reward programs, opens BlackBerry World vendor portal for BlackBerry Q10 app submissions Feb 5, 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands –  At its second annual BlackBerry® Jam Europe developer event, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today provided updates to the BlackBerry developer community, including updates to the BlackBerry® 10 developer toolkit, new benefits […]