BlackBerry Link gets updated

BlackBerry has just rolled out a brand new updated for their Bl;BlackBerry desktop software BlackBerry Link. This update takes the version to for Windows and version for Mac. Sa of right now there is no changelog available to us, so if you see something different feel free to let us know in the […]

BlackBerry Link gets updated for PC and Mac

BlackBerry has just released an update to BlackBerry Link! This update is now available for both PC and Mac. If yoou do not already have a BlackBerry 10 device chances are this won’t matter to you, but if you do have a BlackBerry 10 device you will most likely want to run the update. At […]

BlackBerry Link updated to v1.2.3.22 for Windows

BlackBerry has just released a new update to their desktop software, BlackBerry Link. As of right now this update is for Windows PC’s only, no love for Mac just yet. So Mac users keep your eyes out for an update that may roll out soon. Currently there is no change log, but you should expect […]

BB Link Survey Asks what features you would like to see in future updates, BBM integration and more!

Just yesterday BlackBerry sent out a new survey to the BlackBerry Beta Zone users that are taking part in beta testing BlackBerry Link. This survey took a very interesting turn during the first part of the survey you are asked, what features (new and existing) users think should be included in future versions of BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac Updated

BlackBerry has begun rolling out yet another updated to BlackBerry Link software for BlackBerry 10. This update takes the Windows version to and the Mac version to As for what’s new, well the Mac version got a nice UI update other then that there is no telling at this time. If you notice […]

BlackBerry Updates BlackBerry Link For Mac And PC

The BlackBerry Link for PC is now at v1.2.1.31 and the Mac version is at v1.1.1.39. Not much to say about the update. The changelog states that they did general performance improvements. So probably bug fixes. Download the update here. Source:BBE

BlackBerry Link for Mac Updated to v1.1.1.35

BlackBerry has rolled out BlackBerry Link version for Mac. This update brings bug fixes and enhancements to the desktop software for BlackBerry 10. just a few days ago we let you know that BlackBerry had released an update to Link for Windows PC’s, that update was to version Download BlackBerry Link for Mac. […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows Updated to Version

BlackBerry Link desktop software for your BlackBerry 10 devices has been updated to version We let you know a few days ago about the leaked version of 1.2. Well this is the official version with a new build than that of which was leaked. No change log associated with this version but the leak […]

Leaked: BlackBerry Link v1.2 for Windows

We let you in and showed off a few screenshots of BlackBerry Link 1.2 recently, and there still isn’t any official update as of yet. But if you are one of those that too like to live dangerously with trying out leaks here is another one for you. BlackBerry Link 1.2 is up for grabs, and […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows updated to v1.1.1.41

BlackBerry has released a new update to their BlackBerry Desktop Software, BlackBerry Link. This update is for Window PC’s as of now. It includes a ton of great fixes, additions and more to the software itself. Below you will be able to check out the full change log thanks to BBE. What’s new in version […]

BlackBerry Link for Mac Updated to version

BlackBerry is currently rolling out an update for BlackBerry Link for Mac. This update takes the version level to and can be downloaded here. What’s new in this update? When you connected your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer without BlackBerry Link installed, a new Finder window with start.dmg might not have opened as […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows Updated to Version

BlackBerry is rolling out an update to their desktop software, BlackBerry Link to version The update is not pulling automatically into BlackBerry Link so you will need to head on over to the BlackBerry Link download site to download it. As you can see in the image below the update was released yesterday and […]

BlackBerry Link v1.1 now in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry has just published an update to BlackBerry Link v1.1. This update was pushed out to everyone using Link the other day. It seems as though BlackBerry has opened version 1.1 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone to gather feedback. This new version of BlackBerry Link features 2-Way Contacts and Calendar syncing with Outlook. Try it […]

How To: Setup Contacts & Calendar sync using BlackBerry Link 1.1.1 for Windows

BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac has been updated to version 1.1.1. with it comes changes of finally, the ability allows you to synchronize your local Microsoft Outlook contacts and\or calendar data between your computer and a BlackBerry 10 device running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 or later. Note: Using a Mac? An updated version of BlackBerry Link […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows & Mac updated

Last night BlackBerry started rolling out an update to BlackBerry Link for Windows & Mac. This update includes improvements for contact syncing between your device and your pc when running BlackBerry OS 10.1 or later. If you notice anything different feel free to let us know in the comments. You can download BlackBerry Link here

BlackBerry Link Gets An Update For Both Windows And Mac

BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Link, this includes both versions for Windows and Mac. Windows is at v1.1.0.37, Mac at v1.1.0.32. The update is nothing big, just bug fixes. Still important though, since bugs can be a problem.

BlackBerry Link Updated to v1.1 for both Mac & Windows

BlackBerry has released an update to their BlackBerry 10 desktop software BlackBerry Link. This update takes the versions to v1.1.0.33 for Windows and for Mac. If you are wondering what is new check out the below list of changes thanks to BerryReview for them. Remote File Access –  You can remotely access media and […]

BlackBerry Link 1.1 Features

With the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 coming fast BBin has come across the below change log for BlackBerry Link 1.1. BlackBerry Link 1.1 we assume will be coming out when the BlackBerry Q10 is launched. Check out the change log below and let us know what you think about the update in the comments. […]

BlackBerry Link for Mac Gets Updated to v1.0.1.6

Mac users will be happy to know that BlackBerry is rolling out an update to their Blackberry Link software for BlackBerry 10 devices. This update takes the version to To get the update all you should have to do is open BlackBerry Link and you should see it pushed to your Mac. Hit the […]

Importing Outlook contacts and calendar appointments using BlackBerry Link 1.0.1 for Windows

Late yesterday BlackBerry started rolling out a BlackBerry Link for PC update to v1.0.1.11, this update added the ability to import Outlook contacts and calendar appointments. The issue with this update was there were no instructions or guide on how to preform the import using the BlackBerry Link update. Ty from the Inside BlackBerry Help […]