Images show BlackBerry OS

As AT&T, Sprint and other BlackBerry 10 users are waiting for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, images showing off BlackBerry 10.3.0 have leaked out! Along with the images comes a list of impressive features within the OS itself. Check out the features list as well as the images below and let us know your thoughts in the […]


BlackBerry OS now available for all BlackBerry 10 devices

T-Mobile just rolled out OS for both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. Thanks to Thurask everyone not on T-Mobile will be able to load this OS on their BlackBerry 10 device. As you will see below even the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 users get some love with this new OS. All of the downloads […]

BBM 2.0 Updated for Legacy BlackBerry OS, but with Limitations..

If you have yet to update your BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to the new update that was released today, quickly head over to BlackBerry World and download it. Also if you do decide to get the update, but still happen to be rocking a legacy BlackBerry OS device you will enjoy many of the new features, however […]

Countdown To Christmas Features Again!

This time last year we seen it hit our featured shelves on our PlayBooks and BAM! it’s back on again. The Christmas Countdown is a Free app that was developed by PCRx 3 years ago and it was featured on the legacy devices then and OS10 twice since. It is a webworks app that boots […]

Leaked: OS for ALL Devices – Includes LOVE for the Z10 STL100-1!!

Well that amazing! Just a little bit ago we saw OS leak out for all BlackBerry 10 devices except the BlackBerry Z10 model STL100-1. Now OS has leaked out for all devices including the Blackberry Z10 model STL100-1! Check out the links below to download the latest leaked OS. STL100-1:!qZ4DFaTR!aBRhSA…G0CCd4mBzEBCg4 SQN/SQR:!bAo0kYbD!a9VrHA…apeRmikLklFFfg […]

Official OS:BlackBerry For The BlackBerry Z10 On EE

EE users should be seeing an update for their Z10s. The update is to Go to settings and check for updates and it should be there. EE is normally known for being the last to update, so this is nice surprise. Source:BBOS

BlackBerry OS 10.1 now available in Australia

During the keynote at BlackBerry Live this week Thorsten Heins let us all know that BlackBerry OS 10.1 would start rolling out this week for everyone except the US which is set to start rolling out at the end of the month. BlackBerry OS 10.1 has landed in Australia. Let us know what you think […]

BlackBerry 10.0.10 Gets Approval From The UK’s EE

Those subscribers who have patiently been waiting to update their Z10′s to 10.0.10 do not have to wait any longer. If you are with EE, Orange or T-Mobile in the UK, you are able to download the update. EE had been taking it’s time to approve of the update but is no longer an issue.

Review: SecureMic for BlackBerry Smartphones

I hate locking my phone, I’m so often checking it for notifications or responding to BBMs that locking it becomes a hassle more than a security necessity. With that said I do often end up pocket dialing some of my contacts. SecureMic is a intuitive and clear-cut application that quells the worries of pocket dialing and mobile eavesdropping from spyware. […]

Official OS:BlackBerry Curve 9320 OS from Telesur

BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2102 (Multilanguage) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 9320M_PBr7.1.0_rel2102_PL9.49.0.77_A7.1.0.746_Telesur.exe File size: 249.03MB

NFC: Gets More Innovative by Linking Paperbacks and E-Readers!

Last week I wrote about a new NFC mobile payment option we launched with some of our partners. Today, I wanted to take a moment to give you some more information about NFC (near field communication) and how it will turn smartphones into “smarter phones.”

RIM turns way from the idea of licensing BlackBerry OS and BBM

There have been rumors floating around for almost a year now about RIM looking at potentially licensing the BlackBerry OS or in the least BBM.  Today there are now reports that RIM has decided to table the idea and focus on developing and releasing the new BlackBerry 10 OS and devices.  We had heard from […]

Video: Upgrading BlackBerry OS

In a new video from RIM you can learn how to upgrade the OS for your BlackBerry Device! Find out how to install or upgrade your BlackBerry OS.

Federal Agencies No Longer Want Blackberries Site “Lack Of Functionality”

Blackberries used to be the go to device for federal agencies. But this is no longer the case. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is going to phase out a whopping 3800 devices because Blackberry doesn’t offer what they are looking for.

McAfee For Smartphones Launches v2.0 Of Their Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security For Smartphones is now at 2.0. If your Blackberry already has McAfee you can download the update for free, if you are a new user it will set you back $29.95. What is the benefit to downloading McAfee?

Blackberry App World Has Now Passed The 2 Billion Download Mark

A milestone for RIM, they have now passed 2 Billion downloads at Blackberry App World. In the image to the left, from CES 2012, it shows the stats. Also included were the monthly downloads of 140 Million.

Angry Birds Downloaded 6.5 Million Times At Christmas

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, said that the game was downloaded 6.5 Million times just on Christmas day! This includes all versions of the game, Seasons, Rio and the Original. The tally also includes both paid and free versions of the game. Since iOS has the paid version and Android OS has the ad […]

Otterbox offering Buy One, Get One 50% Off on Cases Until January 3rd!

Otterbox is one of the favorite case manufacturers for those that want a high level of protection, but also want to keep their device looking sleek and fashionable. Otterbox is now offering a holiday special on all Blackberry Cases, allowing you to Buy One, Get One 50% Off on Cases Until January 3rd! Hit the jump […]

Rumor: Mobile HotSpot working on a Torch 9810 running BlackBerry OS 7.1

When the rumors first started flying about the new BB7 devices there was one feature that all BlackBerry owners had been waiting for, Mobile HotSpot support.  Personally I was sad to discover at the #BB7FanNight in Toronto that the HotSpot functionality had been removed from the operating system, and with no indication of when or […]

Blackberry OS 7 is confirmed by RIM CEO

In an investors call RIM CEO Jim Balsillie is heard saying what “we’re now calling BlackBerry 6.1 BlackBerry 7. It’s such a big update from 6.” To hear the call check out this link. Can’t wait to see what these updates look like. Source