PIN Message Problems For Certain OS 7 Devices

RIM has confirmed that certain OS 7 Devices “some instances, the option to send or compose PIN message option may not appear. However, receiving PIN message, reply to, and forward will still function as per normal.”


New Chase Bank App Coming to BlackBerry in December

A lot of people have been talking about the difference between BlackBerry OS6 and OS7. Chase Bank has taken notice as well.

Press Release:Adeya Launches Encrypted Voice & Data Solution for BlackBerry OS 7 at ITU Telecom World

Adeya, has just launched Encrypted Voice & Data Solution for BlackBerry OS 7 at ITU Telecom World. Check out their site to see how it works. The full press release is provided, after the break.

Toshl Finance For Blackberry – Little Monsters Help You Budget

Budgeting stinks. But Toshl finance makes it less painful and provides some unique cartoon monsters to help you do it. Create a budget and note expenses as you go along. Handy to have an app with takes out all the guess work for you. There is a free version which has: The ability to save […]

USPS Mobile App For Blackberry

USPS has just launched a free app for the Blackberry. You can locate nearby post offices, track packages and more. It supports devices running OS5 or higher. The free app is at Blackberry App World.

Nimbuzz for BlackBerry updated to v1.3.7 w/OS7 support & Delivery Notifcations

NimBuzz for BlackBerry was updated to V1.3.7 today and is packing some rather interesting updates.  The biggest change is the delivery notifications that have been integrated into the newest version. 1 check mark (✓) when your message was successfully delivered to the Nimbuzz servers 2 check marks(✓✓) when your message was successfully delivered to the […]

SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry Gets An Update

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro was updated to v8.50.1083. It now includes support for OS7 devices. Here is the change log: * Support for BlackBerry OS 7.0 In our commitment to the BlackBerry platform, SOTI is proud to support all of RIM’s latest smartphones. Native 7.0 support means better application performance on BlackBerry’s latest devices. * […]

Select Roger Locations Are Already Selling Blackberry Bold 9900

Some Rogers locations apparently have them in stock and you can buy them. But only some of the stores that have the device are actually letting customers buy them. A few potential customers have been told they either don’t have them in stock, they are stock but we can’t sell until Thursday, or yes you […]

Torch 9850/9860 Pictures and Specifications

With all the new phones that RIM has released today we want to make sure that all of our followers have the heads up when it comes to every new phone that is out there. Earlier today we gave you all of the pictures and spec for the new Torch 9810 so you knew what […]

New Blackberry 7 Devices Come With App Versions Preloaded

This info was confirmed by RIM today and there is a list of Apps that will be on the phone already when you purchase it. Every month RIM sends out BlackBerry Connection: Enterprise Edge customer email and this month’s email contained the following information on preloaded apps: * BlackBerry® Maps 6.1 * Facebook® for BlackBerry® […]