Xploding Boxes for the Blackberry PlayBook Updated Again to v3.4.0.1

Xploding Boxes for the BlackBerry PlayBook has received another small update to version in App World. This update is so small we can assume it is just for bug fixes at this time. Xploding Boxes is a strategy game where the intent is to start a chain reaction that will explode all of the […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Extended Protection Plan Info App Now Available

RIM has released a new application for the BlackBerry PlayBook called BlackBerry PlayBook Extended Protection Plan Information App (say that 3 times fast). The new application keeps track of your 2 year extended warranty on your PlayBook. The extended warranty runs $99. Hit the break for more info.

Groovy Notes Gets Updated To v2.0.1

Groovy Notes app for the Playbook got updated to v2.0.1. A changelog isn’t available but it is probably mostly just bug fixes. Groovy Notes is like a diary/journal for your Playbook.

Skype Attends BlackBerry 10 Jam Session In California!

With the Blackberry 10 Jam Tour going on in Santa Clara, California Mikel Calderon, a developer let us know that someone from Skype was in attendance to the Jam Session. The Skype developer gave us some insight with, “We’re always looking to expand to other platforms” so it seem we will have Skype sooner than expected!!

Claron Debuts Nil App for BlackBerry PlayBook, Provides Anywhere, Anytime Medical Image Viewing

Orlando – Claron Technology introduces at SIIM 2012 the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ app for the Nil family of medical imaging viewers, which support anytime, anywhere web-based review of a full range of imaging modalities and related data. The Claron Nil viewers include both NilRead for diagnostic applications and NilShare for referring physician and other non-diagnostic users. […]

9mm HD from Gameloft gets updated to v2.0

For all you PlayBook owners that have been playing Gameloft’s 9mm HD game, you will be happy to know that it has received an update today.  While we do not have a changelog as of yet, if version numbers are any indication this one is a big update as it has jumped from v1.0 to […]

Xploding Boxes for PlayBook Gets a Small Updated to v3.4

Xploding Boxes for the Blackberry PlayBook has received a small update to version 3.4 in App World. Xploding Boxes is a strategy game where the intent is to start a chain reaction that will explode all of the boxes on the screen. Each level gives you a different number of clicks, and requires a different […]

Rim discontinuing the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook?

According to an email that a Crackberry forum member received it looks like RIM is going to be discontinuing the 16GB variant of the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Really this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us for several reasons.  The main one being that the 16GB version isn’t really suitable for the media hungry […]

Evernote Needs Playbook Users To Test Their Upcoming Updated App

Evernote for the Playbook doesn’t run properly and thus is being pulled from Blackberry App World. But it’s not all bad news because the Evernote team is working to get a fix and needs Playbook users to test their latest update. Go to the Evernote forum discussion if you are interested in the beta test.

Pacemaker DJ App Hitting the PlayBook June 14th

Mobile Link While at BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando, we were luck to get our hands on an a beta application called Pacemaker. Pacemaker is the ultimate DJ app for your PlayBook, as you can see from the video above God’s Will mixing it up on the Pacemaker DJ App at BlackBerry World 2012. Pacemaker […]

TwitPro for BlackBerry PlayBook Released

TwitPro is a new Twitter client that has been released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. TwitPro allows you to post updates directly to Twitter as well as monitor you feeds and updates in real time. It also allows users access to many of thr advanced feature that are available such as trending topics, your timeline and […]

HD Tablet TV PRO Free Download For The Playbook

Yaybe.tv has put out a tv app, there is a free and paid version. Download the free one to check it out and if you like it get the paid version here. You can view tv shows right from your Playbook!

Hexage Launches Radiant Defense and Radiant for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Hexage has launched two new games for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Radiant Defense and Radiant are both now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook in App World. Hexage also announced that the will be launching all of their games on BlackBerry 10! Hexage is working with RIM to get their games transitioned over to the BlackBerry 10 […]

Tablet TV Free Updated to v3.0

Tablet TV for the BlackBerry PlayBook has just received an update to v3.0. Tablet TV is the ORIGINAL and BEST TV app for your Tablet! It received regular free updates for the life of the app, near instant developer support that is unrivaled, and better features than any competitors product! Also, by purchasing Tablet TV […]

Blackberry App World Has Some Playbook Games On Sale

This weekend isn’t anything special, but no matter, Blackberry App World has some Playbook game titles on sale. This includes: Shopper’s Paradise $2.99 Kami Retro HD $1.99 Great Little War Game $2.99

Union releases Rope Rescue for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Physics have never been so fun!

If you are looking for a game that looks good and will also make you think a little, then Rope Rescue for the BlackBerry PlayBook is the game for you.  The latest compilation from Union brings a new and fun way to take some physics problems in a game that everyone can have fun with. […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.0 Beta Has Been Released!

As promised RIM has released the Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta for developers! Here is what they had to say: Today we are releasing a beta of BlackBerry® Tablet OS 2.1.0 for developers to test their applications with. Developers can test using devices or a simulator, and there are some items that I think will […]

Doodle Blast for PlayBook Gets Updated to v3.0.3

Doodle Blast for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v3.0.3 in App World. Have blasts of fun while solving these physics puzzles. Guide the Scribbles by drawing lines and using the limited ink that you have. Use it wisely.

ScoreMobile for PlayBook Gets a Small Bump to v1.5.3

ScoreMobile for PlayBook was recently update to v1.5.2, today the application has received another small update to v1.5.3. At this time there is no change log available to us. We can only assume that this update being so small is just for bug fixes at this time.

Scribble Worm – Drawing Puzzles Game For The Playbook

Scribble Worm lets you draw the worms in a notebook like setting and they start to move. There are obstacles to avoid and 48 levels to get through. Watch the video to see the game in action. hit the break for a video preview