StereoTube – Youtube Music Player For The Playbook

StereoTube is a unique YouTube player app for the Playbook. You can watch a playlist of your favorite YouTube videos right on the Playbook. So instead of having to wait to watch the next one, you can have the videos lined up to watch.

PlayCloud For The Playbook Gets Updated To v4.0

PlayCloud is the file manager app with integrated cloud storage. What’s in the update? – Add Box cloud storage service support – Fix issue with system view – New help pages – BlackBerry 10 dev alpha support – Localisation feature (english and french)

Make Your Own App With “Your First Application HD Pro” App For The Playbook

If you’ve ever considered making an app but decided against it because it was a bit overwhelming, then this app may be for you. For one thing, it assumes you have never made one and starts at a beginner level. There is a free version so you can try before you buy. With features like: […]

Dropbox For The Playbook Gets Updated To v2.1.3

This is actually a sideload/Android app and not an official app for the Playbook. Nonetheless, it got updated, so Blackberry Playbook users should check out the following link to see the workarounds. There is no chaneglog. Features: • Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are. • Save photos and videos to […]

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are looking for a new game for your PlayBook to celebrate BlackBerry World week, may I suggest Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.  The new game just dropped in AppWorld today and it looks to be a very promising one.  This game has been used for demo purposes during several BlackBerry events, […]

Free Reddit In Motion App Gets An Update

Free Reddit In Motion for the Playbook got an update. So what’s in the update? – Login Support (Swipe down gesture) – Upvote and Downvote Posts – New navigation mechanism for easier browsing – Click on image thumbnail to view the full image

BigNote Puts Your Evernote Notes Onto One Screen

BigNote pretty much makes your Playbook into a screen of Evernote notes. It is integrated with Evernote and is easier to go through multiple notes at once.

File Manager “Stuff” App, Explore Your Playbook Files, Blackberry Files And Dropbox

This is a fitting app name. You can access your files and folders, aka your “stuff” on your Playbook. You can look at your pictures, music, documents files in one place. Also using the app, you can access your Bridge connect Blackberry and Dropbox files.

Corkboard For The Playbook, Emulates A Real Life Cork Board

But you don’t poke yourself with a thumbtack! Just like a cork board you can put sticky notes on your Playbook and arrange them anyway you want.

BlackBerry PlayBook Application to save Surrey Council £100,000

Over in the UK in Surrey County the county council is developing an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and Torch smartphone to give youth it workers  the ability to access to records easily and securely on their Blackberry devices.

IM+ for the PlayBook Gets Updated to v1.3.1

SHAPE Services has updated their widely popular IM application for the BlackBerry PlayBook to v1.3.1. With IM+ you can chat in Windows Live Messenger/MSN, Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AOL/AIM/iChat, ICQ, Jabber and MySpace in one application. IM+ supports multiple accounts per service and stores chat history for each conversation on device. Both landscape and portrait […]

SimpleVNC PlayBook App- Connect Through Your Computer Remotely

Forward Thinking Apps, the folks behind Simple Browser have just launched SimpleVNC. You can connect to your computer remotely using this app.

Somyeol Deluxe 2D Puzzle Platformer For The Playbook

Somyeol Deluxe is a 2D platformer, go on an adventure with over 80 levels! Instead of one character, you get to control multiples and guide them on their way.

uTrack for the Blackberry Playbook- A novel way of managing your daily tasks

Are you busy all the time? Do you have little time to keep up with task or things your supposed to be doing? Well you’re in luck with tenspearls with uTrack for the Blackberry Playbook. That allows you to managing your daily tasks is one of the easiest and most effective ways to streamline your life, if […]