German Chancellor Angela Merkel Has A Z10, More Secure Than Your Z10

Merkel is often seen with her BlackBerry 10 device. That in and of itself doesn’t seem terribly remarkable. Until you consider that people who are high in government positions in their country’s are concerned about security. Their device needs to be highly secure as they don’t want confidential information getting out. Specific problems as of […]


BlackBerry VP of BlackBerry Security Scott Totzke Writes An Article About Cybernomics 101

BlackBerrys Senior Vice President of BlackBerry Security, Scott Totzke wrote an article for TheHill. He talks about Cybernomics 101 and the latest NSA and government spying leaks from BlackBerry’s view. It’s all about what he has done at BlackBerry and about how important encryption is. Which BlackBerry has been doing with BES and even BBM. […]

BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team Responds to Elcomsoft Brute Force Password Attack

RIM sent an email to some of their customers regarding a recent password attack that Russian hacking team Elcomsoft claimed as their work. When it comes to offline password systems, such as BlackBerry’s ID program, they are susceptible to brute force password guessing because of the missing hardware protection. RIM has released this email to answer […]