Delta Likes BlackBerry, Gives BlackBerry Users Free Wifi On Domestic Flights

Delta recently released the Fly Delta app for BlackBerry 10. And as a way to get more people to fly with them they are offering free wifi on their domestic flights.


Gazelle Does A Survey About People And Their Smartphones, Comes Up With Some Interesting Results

People think that your choice of car says a lot about you. Gazelle thinks the same thing about cell phones. During CES 2012 Gazelle did a survey on show floor attendees on their cell phones and how they directly relate to their outlook on life.

India Testing a New Way to Spy on BlackBerry Users

India’s government is in the testing phase of a solution that will allow them to spy on BlackBerry users, using data on India’s cellular networks. India’s Telecom Secretary has confirmed that India’s Department of Telecommunications is in the testing phase. You may ask yourself why is India doing this? Well, India wants access to messages sent […]

Sprint Adds Voicemail-2-Text Feature for BlackBerry Users

Sprint has announced a new feature for BlackBerry users. The new Voicemail-2-Text feature will help you: Have your voicemails transcribed to text Receive voicemails by text message or in your email inbox