How To: Turn your jQuery app into a HTML5 using BlackBerry WebWorks app

Are you working with jQuery wondering what you need to do to bring your app to the BlackBerry platform? Maybe you’re already a web developer considering BlackBerry, jQuery, or both. If you fall into any of these camps, head on over to our jQuery to WebWorks Fundamentals Guide for some pointers. Learn what you need to […]


Developers: You can start Porting HP webOS applications to BlackBerry WebWorks Platform & Win!

Well well what do we have here, developers now that Hewlett Packard’s OS has been open source to the  community, you can now port your webOS application to Blackberry using the WebWorks Platform!!! This is great news for developers to not only showcase their applications to a broader end base, but as well as improving the Blackberry applcation ecosystem. Hit the […]

BlackBerry Advertising Service SDK for BlackBerry WebWorks Enters Public Beta

Research In Motion has announced today the public beta for the new BlackBerry Advertising Service SDK for BlackBerry WebWorks. With this beta, BlackBerry WebWorks developers can now easily and quickly integrate an additional source of recurring revenue into their applications. All they need is the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and a few lines of code to gain access to […]

RIM Releases BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Blackberry Smartphones v2.1.1

RIM has annouced the update version of webworks, BlackBerry WebWorks SDK v 2.1.1 for BlackBerry Smartphones. This is the new update for OS 7 devices. Known as the Echo release, this update provides new features that can be used by developers to build even better capabilities into their BlackBerry WebWorks applications. Continue reading for details. […]

Blackberry Webworks Evolved with tinyHippos and Ripple Emulator for WebWorks

RIM acquired tinyHippos a short while ago, and leaving beta Webworks APIs now supports tinyHippos Ripple Emulator. With these new tools developers can compile codes within the simulator without having to edit your source code. This is a great way to develop and take advantage of HTML5 code as well as cross platfrom compatibility. Here are a […]