Passport Companion: Passbook file support on BlackBerry 10

Our friend Tony Cresswell is back with a brand new application, Passport Companion. Passport Companion adds Passbook file support to your BlackBerry 10 device. Here is what Tony had to say about the application. Lets face it, sometimes Apple has some really good ideas. The passbook format is one of those. Store cards to collect […]

Encrypt and Decrypt PGP

Ronen over at BR has been looking for a solid PGP app and has finally found one! He highly suggest it and you can read more about it at BR Thanks Ronen for this terrific find!

Free Bose Headset with BlackBerry Q10 purchase from Telstra

If you have yet to pick up your very own new full qwerty BlackBerry Q10 device well, Telstra and Bose have joined forces to sweeten the deal up for you just a bit. If you purchase a BlackBerry Q10 online from Telstra before July 23, 2013 you will receive a FREE pair of Bose MIE2 […]

NYTimes for BlackBerry 10 Updated

The New York Times has released a small update for their BlackBerry 10 application. This update includes bug and stability improvements. Experience the world’s finest journalism like never before with The New York Times app for BlackBerry® 10. Stay informed on world and national news, business, the arts, technology, style, sports, food, travel, opinions, science, […]

ColorWare now Customizing the BlackBerry Q10

It was only a matter of time before custom options started to show up for the new BlackBerry 10 phones.  ColorWare just announced that they are now going to offer custom color options to end users.  The only option available right now is a customized device option that will set you back $1100 for your […]

BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry Builder, Get Certified

BlackBerry has launched the BlackBerry Builder program. Developers get certified for Web Application Development and Native Web Application Development. To get certified you must write a test. So what’s the point in getting certified? BlackBerry will have an exclusive job board for those who get certified. Potential employers can check out the certified people who […]

Image Gallery: The BlackBerry House @SXSW #BlackBerry10 #Austin

  What a very enjoyable weekend I had! I just got back to Houston from Good ole’ Austin Texas, where SXSW is in full swing! I had the opportunity to swing by The BlackBerry House on Rainey St in Austin. Boy was I impressed with the layout and the things going on there. I arrived […]

Instagram up and running on the BlackBerry Z10

This is an older-android version of Instagram that has recently leaked out for BB10 fans. While this is a none official version it brings local uploads to the device a feature that’s been sorely lacking.

New Song: BlackBerry 10 Keeps Moving by Lil E AKA @BTBREPRESENTA #BlackBerry10KeepMoving

  Mobile Link  I have known Lil E AKA @BTBREPRESENTA for a long time now. Lil E is a great Texas artist that made a song for BlackBerry titled is “No Sleep till BlackBerry 10“. Lil E just BBMed me to let me know about his latest song about BlackBerry, “BlackBerry 10 Keeps Moving”. Here […]

The New York Times Releases NYTimes for BlackBerry10

And the big named applications for BlackBerry 10 keep on coming! Now we have the NYTimes appication for BlackBerry10! Experience The New York Times optimized for BlackBerry®10. Download the application and get the Top News section for free, or subscribe to unlock all the sections in the app plus blogs, videos and slide shows. View […]

Will BlackBerry 10 have Skype? OS Code is definitely looking for it.

“Lots of people have been asking us continuously on our view on whether Skype would be included with BlackBerry 10. Yes, you read that right.  There have been indications that a Skype for BlackBerry 10 app has not been seen or heard of is due to the fact that it will be an option integrated […]

Short BlackBerry 10 Commercial Spotted on CNBC

Like the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the end of the month, there is also a World Economic Forum that happens annually at the end of January. Davos is a city in eastern Switzerland that became famous in the 1990s for hosting this forum. On CNBC today at multiple time slots their were ‘BlackBerry 10 […]

RIM is the authority on building a quality app ecosystem

BlackBerry’s commitment to their third party developers is admirable and the gold standard (and perhaps even beyond that) of how developers should be treated.  Under the leadership of Alec Saunders and the Developer Relations team, RIM has essentially written the book on how to grow a third party mobile appecosystem. 

BB10 Video Camera Test Shooting At Night Looks Great

Previously, we saw yet another BlackBerry Z10 hands-on walk-through. The same folks have added a video showcasing the BlackBerry Z10′s camera. Or, more appropriately, its video taking capabilities. The camera itself features several modes like ’Automatic’, ‘Action’, ‘Whiteboard, ‘Night’ and ‘Beach’ or ‘Snow,’ which is not available on Apple & Windows platform. Though, it is unclear if these filters are extended to video. The BlackBerry Z10 features a rear 8MP […]

Verizon Connected BlackBerry QWERTY (Dev Alpha C) Images Found on Instagram

Whadda know. Trolling instagram has its perks. CB member spotted these dashing images of the ‘Not For Sale’ N-Series or X10 QWERTY BlackBerry (Or more likely the Dev Alpha C)  set to be launched alongside the Z10 Full Touch device at the end of this month. She’s a looker, what you you guys think of […]

The Four Main Navigation Gestures in BlackBerry 10 Demoed on Video

When I tell people that BlackBerry 10 is a gesture based OS I sometimes get quizzical looks on what that means. Thankfully Jeff Gadway, RIM’s senior product marketing manager, kindly decided to show off the top four navigation gestures in a video. (each direction) They more of less show the gestures that we will be […]

Teaser Video: BlackBerry 10 is Coming!

Great BlackBerry 10 Teaser put together by Suyash Srijan take a look and spread that BB10 Fever!

“Last Chance” Port-A-Thon is January 18/19 With Bonus 250 Limited Edition Device Prizes

RIM just wrapped up a hugely successful BlackBerry 10 Port-a-thon this weekend and it looks like they are geared up for another. Jose sent us the terms and conditions for another port-a-thon RIM is planning starting at 12PM EST on January 18th and ending at 11:59:59PM  on January 19th. This one seems to include all […]

Aircel India confirm it will carry BlackBerry 10

Aircel has confirmed that it will launch BlackBerry 10 in India when the smartphones are available in India, which should be a few weeks after the global launch scheduled for January 30. Various Indian telecom operators were contacted on their plans to launch BlackBerry 10 (BB10) in India and while Aircel has confirmed that it will […]

BlackBerry 10 to be available at launch on EE

EE have just tweeted that they will have BlackBerry 10 available at launch. While we already have EE confirmed as supplying BlackBerry 10, it is great news to have them confirm the availability, although we will contact EE to see exactly what they mean by ‘at launch‘.