BlackBerry User don’t get a Junk Call, Ever, Again!

S4BB just let us in on their new application, Junk Call Blocker,an app that blocks unsolicited calls for free. You know those random annoying calls you get from lets say an ex, telemarketers, or just people you don’t want to talk to now you can block those numbers and never hear from them again!!!

Argentina Blocks Sales of BlackBerry Smartphones

The Argentinian government is looking into blocking the sale of BlackBerry an iPhone smartphones. This ban so to speak will be removed once the Argentinian economy is back on solid ground.

AT&T Now Prompting for Activation on OS 7.1 Mobile Hotspot

Here is a tidbit of crappy news… PocketBerry, has been using the Mobile Hotspot feature on their BlackBerry Bold 9900 running on AT&T. Apparently, AT&T has caught on to the mobile hotspot feature and blaock internet access… When activated you y see a message that reads “To use this feature, contact your wireless service provider […]

Indonesia Government Threatens to Stop BlackBerry Messenger

The Indonesian Telecommunication Body is upset with Research In Motion in an agreement that a new data center was to be built-in Indonesia, but now this data center is to be built-in Singapore instead. Indonesia government feels that they should have the data center should be established in their country. As a result Indonesian govern has threaten to stop BIS as […]