Maxthon Mobile Web Browser Ported Over to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Now the World’s fastest & smartest android browser – fast, secure & free browser Maxthon has made its way to the Blackberry Playbook! Make no mistake, with over 550 million downloads of its PC web browser Maxthon knows how to make your mobile web sizzle. Maxthon Mobile Web Browser is packed with cool features like:


Dolphin Browser Officially Gets Ported Over to the PlayBook!

A couple of weeks ago we let you know that Dolphin Browser was ported over to the BlackBerry PlayBookby Handster. Soon after the port was released in App World it was pulled by the developer. Mobotap Inc. has officially released it in App World for everyone to use! Dolphin Browser HD is the FASTEST, EASIEST […]

Video: Side by Side Comparison of PlayBook OS 1.0 vs PlayBook OS 2.0

RIM has put together a cool video comparison of PlayBook OS 1.0 vs PlayBook OS 2.0 browsers. The video below will blow you away! Hit the break and check it out for yourself!

Wikitude for BlackBerry Updated to v6.4.5

Wikitude for BlackBerry has been updated to v6.4.5 in the BlackBerry App World. Now I just checked App World to see if it was available for download and it is not ath this time. The update is rolling out so n0t everyone can see the update.

What’s New in the PlayBook OS 2.0 Browser

RIM has posted some great info for developers detailing some of the new features in the PlayBook OS 2.0 browser. Hit the break to learn more about what’s new.

Are You Wondering Where BlackBerry Bridge Browser Icon Went?

With the release PlayBook OS 2.0 and Bridge v2.0 we have seen a ton of changes one of those changes was that the BlackBerry Bridge browser icon went missing. Well that is not the case RIM has merged both the native browser icon and Bridge browser icon together.

Wikitude World Browser Gets Updated to v6.3.8

Wikitude World Browse has been updated to v6.3.8! Wikitude was voted “Best Augmented Reality browser” three years in a row: 2009, 2010 and 2011 ! Wikitude World Browser finds cool people, places and things and allows you to discover your surroundings in a completely new way. Provided that your BlackBerry has a digital compass built […]

Wikitude voted Best Augmented Reality Browser 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, Wikitude was announced the “Best Augmented Reality Browser” in 2011 by the readers of Augmented Planet today. This is a great triumph for Wikitude as the AR platform holds this title for the third year in a row. Each year, the leading international Augmented Reality (AR) blog Augmented Planet […]

BOLT Mobile Browser has been Discontinued Due to Economic Circumstances

BOLT browser has been discontinued due to economic circumstances. If your not sure what BOLT did here you are:

Wikitude World Browser Gets updated to v6.3.4

Wikitude World Browser has been updated to v6.3.4. The last update for Wikitude was back on November 4th to version 6.0.13. Wikitude World Browser allows you to discover your surroundings in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and explore what’s around you in Augmented Reality (AR). See places, […]

BeGuard – A panic button for your Blackberry Smartphone

BBGuard is a panic button for BlackBerry® users that live in dangerous cities or are exposed to danger. It has been designed and built based on personal experiences in danger situations (several home intrusions and kidnappings) “This is the app I wanted to have every single time I was in a dangerous situation, so I went and […]

Wikitude World Browser Updated to v6.0.13

Wikitude World Browser has been updated to version 6.0.13 in App World! This update is still not showing up for all users at this time, so try clearing the cache in App World by typing ATL+RST. Wikitude World Browser allows you to discover your surroundings in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply […]

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook advanced Browser options

Video on advanced features of the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

Video: Tips for using the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

Video on basic use of the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

Layer Reality Browser Gets a Small Update to v5.0.1

  Yeasterday we told you about how Layar Browser brings more augmented reality to BlackBerry 7 devices, today Layer Browser has received a small update to v5.0.1. While we now have a new player on the AR scene with the Layar Browser which brings over 2,000+ layers overlaid to your BlackBerry 7 device.  This app […]

Layar Browser brings more augmented reality to BlackBerry 7 devices

When we first saw the possibilities that augmented reality brought with the new BlackBerry 7 devices we were all a little intrigued.  The Wikitude Browser that was our first introduction to the AR scene proved to be neat and a little creepy at the same time.  While we now have a new player on the […]

Opera Mini Updated to v6.0

Opera Mini is a great 3rd party web browser for your BlackBerry. If you have not tried Opera Mini we suggests you give it a whirl. What’s New? Were corrected issues when writing to a text field. Has been improved performance when editing large text areas.

BlackBerry 7 browser out performs the iPhone, Android

With RIM announcing BlackBerry 7 today, there has been much talk about the capabilities of the BlackBerry browser. “RIM points out their competition will lag behind them, in this case the iPhone 4, Nexus One and Nexus S. The slide shows that BlackBerry 7 OS is “now one of the elite browsers in mobile today” […]

Meet Matthew, Manager of the Browser & Web Platform team at RIM

RIM has been introducing us to the team that has had a hand in producing the BlackBerry PlayBook. Today the have introduced us to Mathew, manager of the Browser & Web Platform team at RIM, which is crafting the Web experience for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and helped build the BlackBerry® 6 Web browser. Mathew […]

Leaked!: Opera Mini Version 5.1.21216. With Webkit Add-On?

One of my informants (ahem) just gave me the heads up on this. I’ve been bugging him about getting Webkit on my 9550 for a couple months now. Finally! Opera Mini has leaked a new browser, said to contain a Webkit Add-On. The only problem is the app is in the French language. Nevertheless, here […]