BlackBerry Ends the Built for BlackBerry program

Way back in 2012 during BlackBerry Jam, BlackBerry released the Built for BlackBerry program. The Built for BlackBerry program was designed to get developers to produce awesome native applications and games for Blackberry 10. BlackBerry has decided to end the Built for BlackBerry program effective as of January 19, 2016. They will not be accepting […]

Search for Booking: Built for BlackBerry-certified & BlackBerry Classic Support

S4BB Limited has let us know that they have updated Search for Booking for BlackBerry 10. This update includes added support for the BlackBerry Classic and the application is now built for BlackBerry Certified! Check out what S4BB Limited had to say below. S4BB Limited is proud to announce that Search for Booking has just […]

Search for Flipkart is now Built for BlackBerry

S4BB Limited just let us know that their BlackBerry 10 applications  Search for Flipkart has just received the Built for BlackBerry certification on BlackBerry World. Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry 10 experience. Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built for BlackBerry designation provide the seamless performance and integrated experience you’ve […]

PillPad updated now Built for BlackBerry

PillPad formally CF Pill Pad HD has received a great update to version This update not only includes the name change from CF PillPad to just PillPad, but it also brings the prestigious Built for BlackBerry certification. Pill Pad is a great applications that helps you keep up with when to take your medications […]

Developer Commitments Being Honored by BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Developer Commitment Program has come to an end, with some  grumbles from the development community.  Apparently there were some issues with the “Ts and Cs” of the program that were not completely hammered out on the blog.  The promise was that if a dev made an app that was “BlackBerry Approved” and it […]

Meet Your Device (Check your Device Info) Updated to v1.5.5.1

Meet Your Device is a great application that gives you detailed information that you need for you BlackBerry 10 device.  Hit the jump to update or download Meet Your Device from BlackBerry World Here is the changelog: Task Manager integration Reduced application filesize More information about the storage Disco mode on incoming calls Homescreen notification […]

Down Tube for YouTube & Vimeo now Built for BlackBerry

S4BB Limited never ceases to amaze me, their popular application for BlackBerry 10, Down Tube has received the prestigious “Built for BlackBerry” certification. With Down Tube installed on your BlackBerry 10 device you will never have to wait for video buffering while playing a video ever again. Once you have preloaded the video locally, you […]

Meet Your Device (Check your Device Info) Updated to v1.3.4.1

Meet Your Device is a great application that gives you detailed information that you need for you BlackBerry 10 device. Low battery LED and Fixes for bug with Active Frame. Hit the jump to update or download Meet Your Device from BlackBerry World   The Memory info displayed is: Memory available Memory used Total memory Changes […]

Meet Your Device (Check your Device Info) Now Free in BlackBerry World

Meet Your Device is a great application that gives you detailed information that you need for you BlackBerry 10 device. With Built for BlackBerry Status, this application has now went on sale and it FREE so hurry up and grab it quickly from BlackBerry World The Memory info displayed is: Memory available Memory used Total […]

Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 is Now Built for BlackBerry!

Andre Weier has just let us know that his application Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 has been approved for Built for BlackBerry status! Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 lets you post messages to multiple social networks and blogs at once! It’s easy to use, fast and beautiful! Let us know your thoughts on this update in the […]

ReadItNow Gets Updated And Built For BlackBerry Certified

ReadItNow is now at v6.0. ReadItNow is like Pocket for Android. If you find an article, video, really almost any kind of webpage, you can save it and read it later. It’s like a bookmarked page that’s been transferred to the app. You don’t have to click through a bunch of bookmarks. You can just […]

Meet Your Device (Check your Device Info) Gets Built For BlackBerry Status

Meet Your Device has been around for a while, but now has been updated to Built For BlackBerry status. We have mentioned the app before, it’s a great way to find out more detailed info about the battery, memory and more. This is one of the must have BlackBerry 10 apps, and it’s native to […]

Devs: Enhance your apps with Built for BlackBerry Boilerplates: The Essential Starting Point for Web, and Native Development

Developers if you have been building your applications for quite sometime some of the best certifications that you can build would be for your applications to be assured the Built for BlackBerry seal. So in lays the actual question how can my application be built for BlackBerry, using Cascades or Webworks BlackBerry has deliverered giving you […]

BlackBerry Is Giving Away Red BlackBerry Z10s For The Next 250 Built For BlackBerry Apps That Qualify

BlackBerry has changed their Built for Blackberry app program. To entice more people to create apps, the next 250 qualified apps get the limited edition red BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry went to the trouble of updating the criteria, but the reward is pretty sweet. And you should probably hurry since they will probably go quickly.Check out […]

Viira for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v5.1 – Now BFB (Built for BlackBerry)

Viira just emailed us to let us know that they have released a nice update to version 5.1. This update also includes the prestiouse Built for BlackBerry Certifcation or BFB for short. Viira is a powerful and easy-to-use personal organization app designed specifically for Getting Things Done (GTD), it is a native Cascades app that […]

What’s On? for BlackBerry 10 Gets Built for BlackBerry

Back in May we told you about a cool application for BlackBerry 10 called What’s On? Well late yesterday we received an email form Jason the developer behind What’s On? letting us know that he has completely rebuilt the application  originally built in WebWorks to Native Cascades. Per Jason “I have completely rebuilt the app […]

Super Note by BachKhoa University Updated to V1.2.0 Accomodate BB10.

SuperNote by BachKhoa University has been updated to accommodate BB10 devices.  There have been some nice updates to this application.  The biggest of which is the backup feature.  The back up feature gives user the ability to back up all and any notes that you have on your system. CHANGE LOG Add note to calendar […]

SayIt for BlackBerry 10 Now On Sale

BachKhoa University has put their very popular voice recognition application for BlackBerry 10 up for sale. You can now get SayIt for only $1.99/£1.50, SayIt is also built for BlackBerry and available for the Q5, Q10 and Z10. SayIt is a Voice Recognition and Assistant software, so you can: Features Natural Voice Recognition and processing […]

Case Review: BlackBerry Q10 FlipShell Case

With the release of the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry released a variety of new cases and accessories that they had developed for the new phone.  Now that the Q10 has been released in several countries we can take a look at the accessories that BlackBerry has made for the second BlackBerry 10 device.  First up we […]

CBC News App Achieves Built for BlackBerry Status

When BB10 was released many apps started to carry the Built for BlackBerry mark, which gives devs great incentives but also tells consumers that these applications were designed specifically for BlackBerry and are not android ports. It also must follow stringent guidelines regarding the build/code and various other aspects to be able to earn this […]