BlackBerry updates Camera, Keyboard, Launcher and Virtual Expert for Priv

BlackBerry has started gearing up to roll out March’s security update, by releasing updates to their applications for the BlackBerry Priv. Starting last night BlackBerry rolled out updates for Camera, Keyboard, Launcher and Virtual Expert for BlackBerry Priv. Check out the change logs and download links below. What’s new in the BlackBerry Camera app? Users […]

Check out the BlackBerry Classic camera features

BlackBerry has been slowly showing off the BlackBerry Classic’s features from navigation keys to the browser now they bring us a look at the Classic’s camera. As you will see below the BlackBerry Classic’s camera will feature Panorama Mode and much more. Check out the features below and let us know your thoughts in the […]

Camera comparison between the BlackBerry Classic and the Q10

If you were curious like most of us then you will want to see the below images; the images show just how good the BlackBerry Classic’s camera is compared to the BlackBerry Q10 camera. The images below come to us courtesy of the Weibo user that has already released a ton of images showing off […]

Camera shutter sound on/off option is coming in OS 10.2

Finally!!!!! BlackBerry has confirmed through Michael Clewley BBM Channel that coming in OS 10.2 we will have the option to turn the camera “click” off and not have to use third party applications to do so! I don’t know about you but this feature should have been implemented a long time ago. Let us know […]

Silent Foto for BlackBerry 10 Updated

S4BB Limited has released an update to their application Silent Foto. In this update Silent Foto now allows you to switch between front and back camera. Tired of hearing the shutter sound effect each time you take a picture? Silent Foto allows you to take a picture the way it should be, with no annoying […]

Extracted .Bar Files from OS Now Available for Download – Browser, Camera, Facebook & Weather

We just saw the Leaked File: Multiple Alarms on BlackBerry 10.2 – Now Available to Load on your Q10 or Z10! It seems the same guys that leaked the mulitple Alarm bar file has now extracted and leaked bar files for the Camera, Weather, Browser, FaceBook apps from OS Download FaceBook v10.1.0.88 bar file […]

360 Panorama for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v1.0.0.22

Occipital, Inc.  has released an update to their very popular camera application 360 Panorama. This update brings the app to version and is available in BlackBerry World. So what is new in this update? Well they have made some bug fixes for camera lock ups, improved battery life and even support for Verizon BlackBerry […]

Inside BlackBerry lists the top 5 improvements of BlackBerry 10 software

Today we saw a software update for the BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers, Fido, TELUS and Koodo to version  I got around to updating my Z10 after work today, and have noticed the addition of things like bedside mode. The Inside BlackBerry Blog has just put up what they think are the top 5 improvements […]

BlackBerry Z10’s Camera Fairs Well In Competition Against The Iphone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3

Before I even read the article over at CNET, the first words to pop into my head about the Z10’s camera, was that BlackBerry cameras sucked. And that’s pretty much the consensus at CNET. I always found the pictures to be pixelly, noisy, and poorly colored. Since a lot of people now expect their phone’s […]

BlackBerry Z10 Camera Samples Appearing On Flickr

We just keep getting more and more news and leaks about the BlackBerry Z10.  Today we have some pictures that appeared on Flickr that have been taken by the Z10. Now we have seen camera samples and some video camera comparisons already, but the more the better in our opinion.

S4BB Releases Camera for Facebook and Twitter, and Updates them for BlackBerry 10!

S4BB just let us know that they have release a few more applications and they have been updated to be read for BlackBerry 10, when you upgrade your device! Get started right with Camera for Facebook, Camera for Twitter and CIA World Factbook, compatible with your current BlackBerry Smartphone & BlackBerry 10. Hit the jump to download them today!

Camera And Video Camera Comparison Between the iPhone 5 And BlackBerry 10

We have seen numerous videos showing comparisons between the iPhone 5 and the Dev Alpha B device running BlackBerry 10.  This time around we have a video from the folks over at The Gadget Masters showing a comparison between the camera and video camera, and of course the features that both devices have.  The video […]

Camera Burst Now AvailAble for PlayBook – Take Multiple Photos at Once!

Have you ever wanted an application for your BlackBerry PlayBook that lets you take multiple photos in one shot? Well Toysoft Development Inc has released Camera Burst. Camera Burst is a native BlackBerry PlayBook application that lets you take multiple pictures at once. You can take 3, 5, 10 or 15 pictures in a single […]

Check out the BlackBerry Peer!

 Mobile Link Talk about cool concepts, designer Felix Lorsignol in collaboration with Research In Motion have put together the BlackBerry Peer. What is the BlackBerry Peer you ask, well it is phone for kids. the BlackBerry Peer will be a great accessory for any child. The Peer will help you keep track of your child […]

PDF Creator Ultimate Free and Paid Versions for BlackBerry Updated to v2.3

PDF Creator Ultimate Free and Paid versions have been updated in the BlackBerry App World to version 2.3.Take pictures with your camera, edit the images, convert all of them into a PDF and send the PDF by email. It’s that simple with PDF Creator Ultimate! You don’t need to scan your documents using an office […]

S4BB Releases Camera for Twitter

S4BB released Camera for Twitter on BlackBerry. Camera for Twitter is the application to used just one click to instantly upload images to twitter! Camera for Twitter features s9ingle click photo taking that allows for the one click upload.

Nokia Confirms Scalado (BB 10 Camera) is Still Commitment to RIM

At BlackBerry World  in Orlando this year we got a nice look in to the BlackBerry 10 camera from Scalado. Scalado is behind a ton of photo technologies like the time warp feature in the BlackBerry 10 camera. Well in case you are living under a rock and do not know this , Nokia has […]

Nokia poised to acquire Scalado, the company behind the BlackBerry 10 time warping camera

When we got to see the awesome new features that the BlackBerry 10 camera app will have, many people automatically knew that Scalado was the software.  Scalado is a Swedish company that currently licenses multiple different including HTC and RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10.  News has hit today that Nokia is going to be acquiring Scalado […]

BBM Challenge Council Make A 360 Degree Camera Rig To Show Blackberry Picture Quality

The BBM Challenge Council has put together a 360 degree camera rig to show that the Blackberry Bold 9900 can take good pictures despite what some people may think. Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl is shown in the video, she is there to help out the guys. hit the break for the video and the […]

A Quick Glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 camera

One of the more interesting features of BlackBerry 10 is going to be the new camera that RIM has developed.  When the BlackBerry 10 devices are launched I don’t think we are going to see the outrage that we did with the Bold 9900 and the EDOF camera that it contained.  The best new feature […]