Global Mobile Operators Announce Support for Monthly Billing of BES12 Cross-Platform EMM

Service leverages BlackBerry’s unique Enhanced SIM-based Licensing Technology BARCELONA, SPAIN–(Marketwired – March 2, 2015) – MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2015 – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a global leader in mobile communications, announced today that mobile operators from around the world, including EE (UK), Vodafone India, Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), Maxis Berhad (Malaysia), Telekom Slovenia and Telekom Hungary, will […]

Countdown To Christmas Features Again!

This time last year we seen it hit our featured shelves on our PlayBooks and BAM! it’s back on again. The Christmas Countdown is a Free app that was developed by PCRx 3 years ago and it was featured on the legacy devices then and OS10 twice since. It is a webworks app that boots […]

O2 Germany abandons BlackBerry for Windows Phone

A new circulating for a few days on the web and strikes the reputation of Canadian society in the professional world. According to an internal document of the telecommunications company Telefonica (owner operator O2), the latter is set to separate from his fleet of BlackBerry for mobile Nokia Lumia 520 and 925 Windows Phones, which will […]

T-Mobile Announces Boldest Moves Yet as America’s Un-carrier

– Unveils JUMP!(TM) – a groundbreaking approach to more frequent phone upgrades – Rapidly expands 4G LTE network to cover 157 million people in 116 metro areas – Launches four-line family plan for $100 per month NEW YORK – July 10, 2013 – T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) isn’t resting after turning the industry upside […]

The BlackBerry Q10 is “Coming Soon” to Orange Dominicana

The BlackBerry Q10 is continuing to roll out around the World.  BlackBerry fans in the US are eagerly awaiting the release of the Q10 this week, and now BlackBerry fans in the Dominican can start their wait. Orange Dominicana has now listed the BlackBerry Q10 as “coming soon”.  While there are no launch dates or […]

UK carrier EE offering 30 day rolling SIM only contracts

If you are in the UK and have been looking for a good deal on your carrier billing, you may want to take a look at EE.  Today EE has announced their new 30 day rolling SIM only contracts.  For those of you using a Z10 or Q10, EE is most likely your carrier of […]

BlackBerry Z10 coming soon to Claro and Orange Dominicana

The Global rollout of the BlackBerry Z10 continues this week.  The latest carriers to add their names to the list are Claro and Orange Dominicana in the Dominican Republic.  It isn’t much of a surprise to see more Latin American carriers decide to carry the Z10, as BlackBerry has always had a good presence in […]

Will BlackBerry 10 signal the end of unlimited BBM plans?

Prior to BlackBerry 10 we saw a lot of carriers offer their customers unlimited BBM plans.  These were especially popular in emerging markets like South Africa, where BlackBerry dominates approximately 50% of the market.  With the addition of features like BBM Video calls and BBM Voice, BlackBerry users will be putting much more demand on their carriers […]

LIME and Digicel will also be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 in the Caribbean

We reported earlier today that BTC would be bringing the BlackBerry Z10 to the Bahamas.  It seems that we missed that LIME and Digicel would also be bringing the BlackBerry Z10 to the Caribbean.  LIME has stated that the launch will happen sometime this year, however Digicel has not provided any type of indication as to […]

Clearing Up The Confusion Regarding BIS/BES And BlackBerry 10

There has been  a lot of confusion regarding BlackBerry 10 and whether or not you need a BIS/BES account to use the phone.  Now that the Z10 is in the hands of a lot of people, and officially for sale in the UK, we can now confirm whether or not you will need a BIS or BES […]

AT&T Agrees To Acquire 700 MHz Spectrum from Verizon Wireless

It isn’t very often that two large competitors like AT&T and Verizon cooperate with each other, but it does happen.  In an effort from both parties to improve their 4G LTE coverage, AT&T will be acquiring some 700 MHz spectrum from Verizon Wireless pending regulatory approval.  The deal will cost AT&T $1.9 billion as well […]

RIM Pushes TSM Services to Telcos in Competition with SIM Suppliers

RIM is not only targeting the NFC market with their NFC enabled smartphones, but they are also targeting TSM services and NFC enabled SIM cards as well.  RIM is targeting its “secure element manager” service at mobile operators, offering to manage their NFC SIM cards.  Now this is separate from their NFC enabled smartphones, as not all […]

Boost Mobile Set To Throttle Users Who Exceed 2.5GB Per Month

We have become accustomed to Sprint their pre-paid carrier, Boost Mobile, truly meaning it when they say “unlimited”.  Well it seems that Boost Mobile customers will no longer see truly unlimited data plans.  Boost Mobile has announced on their Facebook page that they will be throttling any customers that exceed 2.5GB worth of data within a […]

T-Mobile is Ending Subsidies in 2013

With BlackBerry 10 devices to be announce within the next coming month carriers will be getting BB10 love. However T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere announced today that it will be ending phone subsidies in the year 2013! So if your are looking to getting the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, note that you will be paying full price for the […]

AT&T announces new flat rate global talk and text plans

There is no doubt that you are going to pay a pretty penny if you roam on your carrier while travelling abroad.  Usually I recommend that people use an unlocked device and a local SIM card, but sometimes that cannot be done.  AT&T has been making some changes to their global rates, and today they […]

BlackBerry 10 has Reached Lab Entry with More Than 50 Carriers!!!

While all of us are waiting for BlackBerry 10 to hit the market Research In Motion has been working feverishly to get the carriers to approve BlackBerry 10. Research In Motion’s CEO Thorsten Heins has released the following statement below informing us that BlackBerry 10 has reached Lab Entry with more than 50 carriers! Hit […]

BlackBerry 10 Preview Coming to Carriers Soon!

We all know that BlackBerry 10 is around the corner and in a recent Bloomberg interview with Thorsten Heins, in this interview Mr. Heins let the world know that he is in fact using a BlackBerry 10 device! With that being said the WSJ is reporting that RIM is gearing up to show of two […]

Are WhatsApp And Other Instant Messagers The New SMS?

As smartphones continue to improve, practically on a daily basis, the shift from plain old SMS text messaging to instant messaging through apps is well on its way. That’s exactly what WhatsApp founder, Brian Action, talked about in an interview with Reuters. He went on to talk about current evidence showing that carriers were losing […]

Roam Mobility now offering affordable voice, data and text plans for Canadians visiting the US

There are quite a few Canadians that visit the US on a regular basis, whether it be for business or personal reasons.  Roam Mobility has introduced a new plan that give them the ability to use their phones while visiting the US without having to sell a kidney for the bill.

Full Security Advisory publshed by RIM for old BlackBerry 6 Webkit vulnerability

If you remember way back 6 months ago, which in the mobile tech world may as well be 20 years, RIM released an advisory concerning a vulnerability with the BlackBerry 6 WebKit browser.  Well this week RIM has finally published the full security advisory, and it includes some interesting facts regarding why it took so […]