Gazelle Does A Survey About People And Their Smartphones, Comes Up With Some Interesting Results

People think that your choice of car says a lot about you. Gazelle thinks the same thing about cell phones. During CES 2012 Gazelle did a survey on show floor attendees on their cell phones and how they directly relate to their outlook on life.

What’s Next For RIM Products? Two different sized Playbooks, A Blackberry 10 Phone And Curves

RIM already talked about the Playbook 2.0 OS being released in Feb 2012 at CES and not much more than that. But there are talks of upcoming products that will be released throughout the year. So what is to come? 10″ PlayBook releasing in December 2012, will be LTE enabled 7″ PlayBook releasing in April […]

Video: Cut The Rope Featured On The Playbook At CES

Cut The Rope game for the Playbook was shown at CES briefly. Zepto Lab’s has already released it for Android and iOS and now you can have it on your Playbook. hit the break for the video!

CES 2012: Take a Virtual Tour of the BlackBerry Booth

RIM has posted a video on their YouTube channel letting you the BlackBerry fan attend the BlackBerry Booth at CES 2012! The BlackBerry Booth at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is loaded with app experiences that include Social & Lifestyle, Business & Productivity, and Media & Gaming. Additionally, the booth hosts an Ask the Experts […]

Playbook OS 2.0 Print To Go App Seen On Video From CES

Looks like there is going to be a Print To Go app on the Playbook OS 2.0. RIM showed off the app at CES 2012 and someone was smart to film it. hit the break to see the video and the app in action!

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Communicates

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Michael Clewley and Jeff Gadway from Research In Motion walk through a few of the features of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 that create an intuitive and intelligent communications experience. A unified inbox, as well as socially integrated calendar and contacts applications, are just a few of […]

Awesomeness: Fully Chromed Out Audi R8 on Display at CES 2012

You may not realize this but there is more to see at CES 2012 the just electronic devices. As you can see from the sweet looking Audi in the pictures below! Our sister site was sent the following images of this fully chromed out Audi R8 that is on display at CES! More pics […]

CES 2012 Reveals More About Playbook OS 2.0 And Blackberry 10

Marty Mallick, a senior director of business development at RIM, spoke to PCMag at CES 2012 and he a lot to say about PB OS2.0 and BB 10. Namely, what is going to be featured, and what is new.

Blackberry App World Has Now Passed The 2 Billion Download Mark

A milestone for RIM, they have now passed 2 Billion downloads at Blackberry App World. In the image to the left, from CES 2012, it shows the stats. Also included were the monthly downloads of 140 Million.