Former BlackBerry Management Team Is Taking Away A Hefty Payout

Even though they lost their jobs, 3 former Chiefs at BlackBerry are walking away with a decent amount of cash. In a release by BlackBerry the final breakdown is below. The total payout: Chief Financial Officer Brian Bidulka – $3 million ($1.2 million for two years of his salary plus stock options and retirement savings) […]

Deutsche Telecom CEO Rene Obermann Announces He Will Step Down Next Year

While this may not seem as exciting or relevant news to many of you, but the announcement that Deutsche Telecom CEO Rene Obermann will be stepping down could affect some of us.  Mainly we will have to keep an eye on what becomes of T-Mobile USA, and their current merger negotiations with MetroPCS.

Verizon CFO: “Don’t Count RIM Out Yet”

Today being the official iPhone launch day it seems that many were on edge about just what Apple would reveal as the new iPhone 5, as a hardcore Blackberry user and believer in my opinion, the iPhone has come up short, simply. Being the clear winner when it comes to device choice now is slowly being edge […]