BlackBerry Appoints Former U.S. Coast Guard CIO to Lead Forthcoming Federal Cybersecurity Operations Center

Rear Admiral Robert E. Day, Jr. to Direct Federal Cloud Security Operations WATERLOO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov. 30, 2016) – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a global software leader in securing, connecting and mobilizing enterprises, announced today that Rear Admiral Robert “Bob” E. Day, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.) will lead the company’s forthcoming federal Cybersecurity Operations Center […]

Former BlackBerry CIO Moving on to Samsung USA

During the transitional period of the company BlackBerry the company’s CIO, Robin Bienfait, left BlackBerry actually retired from the company abruptly before RIM’s Fiscal Q3 2013 earnings report. She is now reportedly taking a new job from our friends over at CrackBerry in a new position as the Chief Technology Innovations Officer at Samsung Telecommunications America. No official […]

CIO’s Al Sacco, Says Goodbye to BlackBerry, Fade to Black(Berry)

Here is an interesting but sad read from CIO’s Al Sacco Fade to Black(Berry): 8 Years Covering the Rise and Fall of RIM. In the article Mr. Sacco gives us his insight to BlackBerry over the years and as to why he has to hang up his hat on the great company. During the past year, I […]

BlackBerry Deals With Garter Comments, Makes Statement

Seems like everybody has “advice” for BlackBerry these days. Garter, an analyst firm, made comments this past weekend regarding what BlackBerry clients should do in the next 6 months. They said this via “BlackBerry isn’t going to disappear overnight and there’s probably a six month window to consider and then implement alternatives.” “Gartner recommends […]

Why 2013 Is The Dawn Of A New Age For Research in Motion with BlackBerry 10

I have maintained that RIMs overall strategy has always been much more keen than that of Apple or Google. While they dominate the consumer space–it isn’t everything. Google and Apple fight hand over fist for every single consumer. RIM has always played to the enterprise niche. It makes more sense to sell 1 company 10,000 […]

RIM’s CIO Robin Bienfait Has Announced Her Retirement

Research In Motion’s Chief Information Officer Robin Bienfait  has announced her announced retirement following Research In Motion’s Q3 2013 earnings call Bienfait has been with RIM for over six years and during this time she focus are included the company’s service infrastructure growth, which saw a significant jump in date from 47 petabytes of data per year to 33 petabytes of data per […]

CIO’s Al Sacco, Takes Look At New BlackBerry 10 Devices, Can They Save RIM?

Here is an interesting read from CIO’s Al Sacco New BlackBerry 10 Devices Impress – But Can They Save RIM? In the article Mr. Sacco get a chance to look at the two new BlackBerry 10 devices, and his insight on RIM and their future. If you are looking for some great insight on the upcoming […]

RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Sits Down for a Little Q&A on BlackBerry in Enterprise

Luke over at Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog had a chance to sit down with RIM’s CIO Robin Bienfait for a little Q&A. Luke posed some tough and interesting questions from enterprise customers. If you are not sure who or what Robin does at RIM here is a little summary: “Robin oversees the Enterprise Business […]

RIM CEO Confirms January BlackBerry 10 Launch!

We told you earlier in the day about Al Sacco over at @CIO  who of which recently sat down with Research In Motions CEO, Thorsten Heins. Sacco asks Heins some very interesting questions, going through the full interview, Heins confirms the launch of new Blackberry 1o devices in January of 2013!! Here is the specifics of the confirmed BB10 launch:

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins Also Uses a Samsung Galaxy S III “to stay educated about the market”

Al Sacco over at @CIO  recently had the chance to sit down with Research In Motions CEO, Thorsten Heins. Sacco asks Heins some very interesting questions, and the responses from Heins are dead on in our opinion. Here are some of the Q&A: Al Sacco: I know you’ve been with RIM for a number of […]