Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry 10 updated

Citrix Systems, Inc. has released an update to their Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry 10. This update takes the version to and is currently available in BlackBerry World. Citrix Receiver lets you access your applications and desktops to help you be as productive on the go as you are in the office. If your company […]

RIM hosting BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase on May 30th

For anyone that does development for enterprise applications, or is looking to get into the enterprise side of things, RIM will be hosting a BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase on May 30th.  The event will be held online, so there is no need to travel halfway around the world for this one, and it will look […]

The BlackBerry PlayBook and Citrix Receiver Powered Desktop Workstation

Jonathan Wong, Sr. Product Manager at RIM, shows how to turn your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet into a desktop workstation with Citrix® Receiver™ by simply connecting your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a Bluetooth™ mouse, keyboard and larger display. Get full desktop functionality, all powered by the powerful and portable BlackBerry PlayBook.

Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.0

Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v1.0! If your company uses Citrix to host applications, you can use Citrix Receiver to check your email, review documents, tune into project dashboards, and approve expenses from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Just ask your help desk for the URL to set up Receiver.

Interview with Chris Fleck – How the Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook Will Impact Business

Interview with Chris Fleck, VP of Mobile Solutions at Citrix, about the recently released Citrix® Receiver for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011.