Carphone Warehouse to offer the BlackBerry 9720 in blue, pink and purple

If you like brilliant colors on your devices, but hate using a case and are in the UK you are in luck! Starting in October Carphone Warehouse will be offering the BlackBerry 9720 in blue, pink and purple. Pricing on the BlackBerry 9720 starts at£11.00 per month with no out of pocket cost. Carl Cowling, […]

Check Out Colorize for the BlackBerry Z10! – Add Color to Photos Anyway You Want!

Ever since I picked up my BlackBerry Z10, I just cannot stop taking photos (I even picked up an OlloClip for the iPhone 4/4S). Well a good buddy of mine Harry aka @footose let me know about a very cool application called Colorize that was just released into BlackBerry World tonight. Colorize helps you modify […]

Toysoft: Color Led Message, Customize Your BlackBerry 10 LED

Just picked your new BlackBerry 10 device? Want to change the colors of your led for your BlackBerry 10 notifications? Now you can with Color Led Message, from ToySoft. Unleash the power of Color Led Message.  The ultimate and best Led color application for BlackBerry 10.   Customize Led color of incoming calls, sms text messages, email messages, […]

What Color BlackBerry Curve 9320 is Right for You? Find out with a New BlackBerry Facebook App!

Research In Motion UK and Ireland have put together a very cool Facebook application that helps you find the right color BlackBerry Curve 9320 for you. You can pick one of seven colors from vivid violet, classic blue, velvet purple, hot pink, pure red, white and black. The Facebook application runs through your Facebook profile […]

Vodafone Puts Out Exclusive Colors Of Blackberry Curve 9320

Black too boring for you? Well Vodafone has put out two different colored Blackberry Curve 9320’s. You can now pick between blue and purple. I think the purple one is a really nice color and would love one myself if they had them around here. It will cost you £135 outright on Pay As You […]

Get Your Custom BlackBerry Battery Doors from Emblm by Smart Casing!

Emblm by Smart Casing has officially launched their new website Over the last year, they have continued to develop the product, perfecting every minor detail along the way. Smart Casing now has a full production process that requires some specialized equipment. To fund the $75,000 investment, we are accepting pre-orders using the crowdfunding website, […]