BlackBerry Z10 Gets FriendZoned!

When meeting someone new and you believe things are going well only to find out you have been friendzoned! Yes the infamous FZ, BlackBerry is back and is going to be making some new relationships soon but will it be enough to reunite the iSheeps and Android user back to BlackBerry? Hit the jump to check […]

XKCD Comic, What Your Cell Number Looks Like

XKCD comics made this little gem. Why does your area code not matter anymore? Because of long distance. Before, cell phone companies would charge you if you made a long distance call, a call to anywhere in the US was considered long distance if it wasn’t your area code.

Joy Of Tech Makes A Comic About The Samsung/Apple Feud

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for what seems like forever. Which is why this comic is so funny. Apple is always accusing other companies, mainly Samsung of stealing their patents, but then Samsung turns around and says Apple took theirs. Apple has some neat features in their phones, but they didn’t create everything that […]

Read Calvin And Hobbes Comics on your Blackberry PlayBook!

The Blackberry Playbook keeps getting better and better, and with that better now you can read your favorite comics on your Blackberry Playbook. If you love Calvin and Hobbes comics well now you can enjoy reading them on your Blackberry Playbook. Daily enjoying of Calvin & Hobbes, even in English and Spanish.

The Joy of Tech Pokes at Mike and Jim

With all of the issues RIM has been having lately AllThingsD’s Joy of Tech lets Mike an Jim have!

Funny Halloween Comic With An Appearance From The Blackberry Playbook

Joy Of Tech made this little funny just in time for Halloween. As you probably know, the HP TouchPad is discontinued and webOS is pretty much dead.