Convertly from ReFocus Tech coming soon

A new application is coming to BlackBerry 10 from ReFocus Tech! ReFocus Tech is the developers behind ARKick and they have published a cool little teaser video showing off Convertly. Convertly is a unit conversion app that will add to the BlackBerry 10 user experience. Check out the features below and let us know what […]

Viber is coming to BlackBerry 10

Over the last year or so we have heard the Viber was in fact bringing their application to BlackBerry 10. That change about half way through the year or so. Now Viber has publicly addressed the application not being available for BlackBerry 10 in the below tweet. All I have to say is it is […]

Carphone Warehouse Will Soon Be Carrying BlackBerry 9720

Carphone Warehouse will be selling the BlackBerry 9720 through most of their UK carriers. EE will be the only one excluded because it is not a 4G device. You can pre order either the black or white one with the other colors coming at a later date. O2 is selling the phone free on a […]

App Converter Coming to BB10 – Eliminates Sideloading

Every version of BB10 has supported Android apps by “sideloading” the .bar files on your device. BlackBerry 10.2 is slated to launch this month with Jelly Bean support so users can install the latest versions of the popular android apps that are available.  Unfortunately BB10 still does not have a native converter that is built […]

The BlackBerry Q10 is “Coming Soon” to Orange Dominicana

The BlackBerry Q10 is continuing to roll out around the World.  BlackBerry fans in the US are eagerly awaiting the release of the Q10 this week, and now BlackBerry fans in the Dominican can start their wait. Orange Dominicana has now listed the BlackBerry Q10 as “coming soon”.  While there are no launch dates or […]

Coming Soon to Carphone Warehouse the BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry’s first BlackBerry 10 full QWERTY device the BlackBerry Q10 is now listed as “Coming Soon” on Carphone Warehouse’s website. the BlackBerry Q10 is set to launch in or around April or May around the world. Carphone Warehouse UK has set up a pre-registertion webpage for all of of you that are interested in picking […]

(***UPDATE*** Z10 to Be Released on March 26th!!) BlackBerry Z10 Shows Up on T-Mobile’s Website as “Coming Soon”

***UPDATE***@TMobileHelp “@IAmAmirHasan A date has already been announced. March 26th… ^KC” T-Mobile has just updated their website to show the BlackBerry Z10 as “coming soon”. This is a great sign that it will be released to everyone in the coming days. There still is no official launch date for T-Mobile at this time. Rumors have […]

Costco To Sell BlackBerry Z10 Soon

On Costco’s wireless homepage there is an ad for the BlackBerry Z10. It shows as “coming soon.” It is not really surprising that Costco is going to sell it because they do sell all the other major phones. There are no details as to exactly what soon means or who they are going to sell […]

BlackBerry 10 Link USB Sync to Outlook Coming Soon

For those of you that like to sync your calendar and contacts via Outlook, you will be happy to know that USB sync will be coming to Link soon.  I have switched to solely using wireless sync, as Gmail makes it so easy, however I do know that a lot of people still rely heavily […]

Sprint Confirms BlackBerry Q10 Is Coming Soon

We haven’t seen a lot of carrier make any mention of the BlackBerry Q10 today, but Sprint has decided to buck the trend.  In their official press release Sprint announced that the BlackBerry Q10 will be coming soon, however there is no mention of the Z10 which seem odd.  Sprint is going to tie in […]

NHL GameCenter App Coming To BlackBerry 10 “Later This Season”

For all you hockey fans out there you will happy to hear that the NHL GameCenter App will be making its way to BlackBerry 10.  The GameCenter App comes in a few variants, from free all the way up to a $49.99 subscription with obviously different levels of access.  The app will allow you to […]

Koodo, WIND And Mobilicity All Join In On the BlackBerry 10 Action

We have seen all the major carriers, plus some regional carriers in Canada state that they will be carrying BlackBerry 10 when it is released.  Today the three smaller nationwide carriers have put their feet into the BlackBerry 10 ring.  Koodo, WIND and Mobilicity have all declared that BlackBerry 10 is “coming soon”.

Arty’s Quest For Nuts Game Coming To BlackBerry 10

Arty’s Quest For Nuts, a new iOS game is also going to come to Blackberry 10. Game Description(From itunes): Arty’s Quest is a totally free, action-packed game. Collect nuts, build levels and play with friends!

Wind adds the BlackBerry Curve 9320 as “coming soon”

Wind mobile has now listed the BlackBerry Curve 9320 as “coming soon”.  This will bring the Wind BlackBerry device total up to 6, and will also provide a nice affordable BlackBerry 7 device for their users.  While there is no pricing listed on the Curve 9320, it will most likely fall under the $0-50 on […]

Transfire XP Will Soon Be Launched On Blackberry Smartphones

Already out for the Iphone, Transfire XP will be made available to Blackberry smartphones. Transfire is an instant messaging app that translates messages from one language to another.

O2 Shows BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 as Coming Soon

O2 has added the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 to thier coming soon page on thier website.  The image shows that the Bold 9790 will be available in January and the Curve 9380 in November.

Bell And Virgin Mobile Both To Soon Sell White Blackberry Curve 9360

Currently listed on The Source’s site as “coming soon”, the phone will sell for $0 on a 3 year or $349.99 no contract.