YouTube spot highlights BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry Q5

With the BlackBerry Q5 now available in a few countries around the world, BlackBerry has once again started to put out some new ads.  The latest is a YouTube spot that once agains shows off the benefits of BlackBerry 10, however this time they are using the BlackBerry Q5.  Of course we are still waiting […]


Keep Moving with the BlackBerry Zed 10

Mobile Link BlackBerry has released a new series of commercials to highlight the BlackBerry Z10 or Zed 10 depending on where you are located. The commercials seem to be desinged for the UK and or Canada. They are titled BlackBerry Z10 Keep Moving Commercial, BlackBerry Z10 Flow Commercial, BlackBerry Z10 Keyboard Commercial. Hit the break […]

BlackBerry Ranks Second In Social Media Buzz Leading Up To SuberBowl

The interwebs have been going crazy since RIM officially announced that they would be doing a SuperBowl commercial for the first time ever.  Now it seems that the buzz is not only amongst BlackBerry users, but it seems that BlackBerry is ranked second, only behind Mercedes, in social media surveys.

Inside BlackBerry posts Q&A with Streeter and Amir of College Humor

If you are not familiar with College Humor please go and Google it immediately.  If you are an astute BlackBerry fan you will have noticed that Streeter and Amir of College Humor have been involved in some web series of ads that dispel misconceptions about the BlackBerry platform.  The Q&A is worth a read and can […]

New Ad promotes BlackBerry Tag with the catchphrase “Things Are Better When We Tap Together”

If there is one thing Research In Motion EMEA is good at it is making some corny, yet funny commercials. The latest ad aims at promoting the functionality of BlackBerry Tag on BlackBerry 7 devices with a clever spoof on the dating scene and how NFC technology makes it that much easier to share important […]

New BlackBerry commercials arrive in the UK

Today RI has released three new BlackBerry commercials in the UK that highlight what they feel are the best-selling features of the BlackBerry 7 devices.  The basic premise behind all of the commercials are that ”There are people who don’t, and people who do”.  This theme was previously seen in some advertising that came out a […]

RIM Shows Off PlayBook OS 2.0 in New Ads!

PlayBook OS 2.0 has only been out for a couple of hours and RIM has already posted up some great new commercials for PlayBook OS 2.0! Hit the break to check them out!

How To: Make for “Night Bikes” from BlackBerry Commercial

When RIM released the Blackberrry Curves, the final of the Blackberry 7 OS devices, They advertised a commercial called, “Night Bikes.”  I really like this commercial and it is definitely worth watching in my opinion. And now comes about a video that gives you the how to make these cool Night Bikes!

Video: BlackBerry Curve “Night Bikes” Commercial

With the release of the new Blackberry Curves, the final of the Blackberry 7 OS devices, RIM is pushing and showing off somegreat features of Blackberry OS 7 and BBM Auguement Reality features. They have done a great job with this new commercial called, “Night Bikes.”  I really like this commercial and it is definitely worth watching […]

Video: The Incredible Powerful BlackBerry 7 OS Commercial

RIM is really pushing the envelop with the advertising of the new Blackberry OS 7 devices. They have done a great job with this new commercial called, “The Incredible Powerful BlackBerry 7 OS.”  I really like this commercial and it is definitely worth watching in my opinion.  Let us know what you think after the jump.

First BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial Hits The Airwaves!! [Video]

[Youtube Mobile Link] It has been just about a week since the BlackBerry PlayBook hit retailers and was made available to the masses, and now we finally have a commercial.  The main focus of this 30 second clip is the portability and mobility of the tablet.  I am surprised that it took this long for a commercial […]

Poynt Featured in Latest BlackBerry App World Commercial

Mobile Link Poynt seems to be everywhere these days with awesome updates featuring Local Events Look Up and more. Well there are back now and being featured in the latest Blackberry App World commercial. you can download Poynt for free in App World. Be sure to check out Poynt gets a small update to v1.7.0.56. […]

Video: 3 New BlackBerry PlayBook Commercials

  Mobile Link “From work to play and everything in between, you can take it all—everywhere you go—on the new, ultra- portable BlackBerry® PlayBook.™” With CES 2011 in full swing RIM has Posted 3 new videos of the BlackBerry PlayBook! This morning RIM anounced that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be heading to Sprint this spring. […]

RIM launches new BBM commercials!

If you’re like me, and were watching the MLB all-star game…you probably saw these commercials as well, but RIM is now strongly advertising BBM!  There have been stories before of BBM contests, concert sponsorships, and ads in major places such as Time Square in New York City – but BBM commercials are huge They aren’t […]