BlackBerry gives us the first look at the new QNX technology concept vehicle

With CES 2016 now in full swing BlackBerry has given us a nice look at the all new QNX developed Toyota Highlander! I must say she is beautiful and simply amazing judging from the exterior and the interior tech comforts. Check out what BlackBerry and the QNX team had to say about their Toyota Highlander […]

Porsche Design Passport is a beautifully designed concept

We already know that BlackBerry and Porsche Design have another device up their sleeve and it is set for later this year. The device is codename ‘Keian’ in honor of Keian Blundell it is being said that this device is supposed to be a variation of the BlackBerry Passport. With that being said Ziro1 has […]

Check out the BlackBerry Glide

As we wait for more information on the recently shown off BlackBerry Slider device, Dylan Habkirk has created some great renderings of what has been dubbed the BlackBerry Glide. This slider device is a concept based on the image that has been show off on the interwebs from MWC. These renderings are really close to […]

BlackBerry Passport 2 all-touch concept is a beast!

Who doesn’t love device concept? I know we do and when I saw Graphic designer Pootermobile latest concept I was blown away! Dubbed the BlackBerry “Passport 2” is an all-touch BlackBerry Passport! The rendering are simply amazing and a couple of thoughts I had on this device are, where and and when can I get […]

QNX wins Engadget’s Best of CES 2015 for their Digital Mirrors on the Maserati

With CES 2015 in full swing BlackBerry’s subsidiary QNX has IMO stolen the show with their Maserati QuattroPorte GTS  concept car. I mean this Maserati has everything from digital rear view and side view mirrors to exterior cameras located around the car. There is no other driving experience currently out there that could compete with […]

QNX technology has announced their 2015 Concept Car and it is…

QNX has announced their 2015 Concept Car  and it is… A Maserati QuattroPorte GTS!! Thanks to an article written over on the QNX Blog we now have some more information on the Maserati QuattroPorte GTS. Check out all the information below! The new car delivers everything you’d expect in a concept vehicle from QNX. But […]

Tablets and Slider Concept in the works from BlackBerry

During a video we published late last night on the December release of the BlackBerry Classic. BlackBerry CEO John Chen also confirmed that BlackBerry is in fact working on tablets and a slider concept device. During the MIT Enterprise Forum in Hong Kong video above(at the 1:29:00 mark), Chen stated the company was actively working […]

Check out the BlackBerry Z70 Phablet; Concept Device

What do you think about a  6.57-inch full touch BlackBerry? I love the idea, unfortunately for us it is just that an idea. The good news for us is we can see what it could look like thanks to a concept design from Sanctity Design. Their version of the full-touch BlackBerry Z70 phablet pictured above […]

All-touch BlackBerry Passport Concept

I love a great concept device and this one is no different, introducing the all-touch BlackBerry Passport! Close your eyes and image the BlackBerry Passport without the glorious QWERTY keyboard. Well if you cannot picture that check out the images below from DHabkirk Designs. Let us know what you think about an all-touch BlackBerry Passport […]

Take a look at the BlackBerry Irregular Heptagon on video!

  Over the years we have seen many strange looking devices for BlackBerry to iPhone, but this one takes the cake! Introducing the BlackBerry Irregular Heptagon from RMR or Rick Mercer Report. We already know that BlackBerry plans on showing off “a new BlackBerry device concept” at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2015. Canadian […]

A BlackBerry with a Twist! Check Out the BlackBerry L

Over the years we have seen many BlackBerry device concepts, none of which are a classy as the BlackBerry L concept from Andrew Zhilin. This new twist on a classic BlackBerry slider offers the user the ability to twist the display to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. Here is what Andrew had to say on […]

Check out the BlackBerry Strong; A BlackBerry 10 Slider

For some time now BlackBerry has been rumored on many occasions to have a BlackBerry 10 slider device in the works similar to the BlackBerry Torch. We know that this rumor was kind of true thanks to a device called the BlackBerry ‘Milan’. Now we already know that the Milan was cancelled so what’s next? […]

Check out this BlackBerry 10 Concept – BlackBerry Knight

The BlackBerry Z10 replacement is here and ready to show you what BlackBerry 10 can do, enter the BlackBerry Knight. This concept from DHabkirk Designs promises a bit larger display, higher resolution and higher-end housing. Check out the BlackBerry Knight’s specs below. 4.5″ 1080×1920 LCD (489ppi) 3,000mAh Removable Battery 13MP Rear, 3MP Front Aluminum Housing […]

Check out the BlackBerry M1Fuse mobile computing at its best

 I am so addicted to concepts it was really refreshing to see this new concept collaboration between @Pootermobile and BerryFlow. The BlackBerry M1Fuse is a laptop dock dubbed a lapdock for short. Here is what BerryFlow and Pootermobile had to say about the lapdock: The M1 is a fully featured BlackBerry 10 lapdock peripheral. M1 Fuse allows you to connect […]

My dream BlackBerry has landed with the BlackBerry Q80i concept

As a BlackBerry addict I have used just about every BlackBerry device ever produced. As of late I have been using the BlackBerry Z30 on T-Mobile and for kicks occasionally using the Q10. I have talked to @fortneyland95 about my dream device in the past. It would have a huge display like the Z10 or […]

Check out the BlackBerry Z60c Concept

I cannot get enough images on all of these new BlackBerry 10 concept devices. Today we have the BlackBerry Z60c concept coming from BigOpti, an artist from the Netherlands. BlackBerry Z60c features: 5.1 inch full HD AMOLED screen Qualcomm 615 64 bit CPU 8 GB of internal memory 20 MP back camera 8 MP front […]

Check out the BlackBerry Q20 Concept

This morning at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain BlackBerry announced both the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20. The BlackBerry Q20 has only been announced and no images have been released to the media as of yet. That being said a BlackBerry fan on from BBM channel C00019CAE has released concept image of […]

Check out the BlackBerry Q30 Windermere Concept

Check out this new concept of the BlackBerry Q30 Windermere! If this concept were to see the light of day it would be my go to device that is for sure. As of late we have been seeing a lot of the BlackBerry Windermere from actually photos of the prototype down to a drawling of […]

Vote for your favorite QNX Software Systems CES Car!

If you have been following the QNX blog you already know that leading up to CES 2014 they were showing off the CES Cars of Fame series. Well we were just informed that the QNX blog is holding a poll and letting QNX fans, readers and everyone in between vote for their favorite QNX concept […]

Check Out the BlackBerry Z11 and Z20 Slider Concepts

Our good friend CB forum member Ziro1 is at it again, giving us some more amazing concepts of possible upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices! These are great ideas and definitely worth checking out! The BlackBerry Z11 is the horizontal version, and the Z20 is the vertical variant both rocking screen sizes to allow for pocketable use. […]