BlackBerry Jam Asia And BlackBerry Jam Europe Gets Dates

BlackBerry Jam Asia is coming Sept 26-27 2013 in Hong Kong. BlackBerry Jam Europe will be happening in Barcelona January 14-15th 2014. That’s pretty much all the information that is available now. But you can sign up for more details as they come, BlackBerry Jam Asia here, and BlackBerry Jam Europe here. Source:BR


PIN Message Problems For Certain OS 7 Devices

RIM has confirmed that certain OS 7 Devices “some instances, the option to send or compose PIN message option may not appear. However, receiving PIN message, reply to, and forward will still function as per normal.”

Press Release:Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash apps Will Run On BBX

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the BBX discussion, further info had to be investigated. And yes, Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash Apps Will run on the new BBX OS. hit the break for more info

RIM Confirms Blackberry Playbook Charger, Charges Blackberry Smartphone 2x Faster!

Well this is something that I kinda knew, because I have charged my phone with my Playbook charger, RIM has confirmed via their shop Blackberry page that the Blackberry Playbook Charge can and will charge your Blackberry Smartphone. “Compatible with BlackBerry® smartphones with a micro-USB charging port. Charges smartphones 2x faster than a traditional smartphone charger” I won’t get into […]

RIM Officially Confirmes New Features of BIS 4.1!

RIM has officially confirmed the new features of BIS 4.1! The BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is designed to provide BlackBerry smartphone users with access to email messaging, instant messaging, Internet browsing, and more. BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers can receive automatic delivery of email messages from up to ten email accounts on their BlackBerry smartphones. The […]

Three UK Set To Sell Black Blackberry Bold 9900 In September With White Bold Following in October

Great news for Three UK followers, you will be receiving the Black Bold 9900 in September and the White in October as confirmed on Three UK’s blog: There are two versions of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and these are the black and the white versions. To-date we hadn’t really had a confirmed date for the […]