TELUS and Bell get two-year contracts

Today TELUS has announced that starting July 30th they will be offering two year contracts instead of the typical three year contract. According to Mobile Syrup Bell will be offering the same two year contract. check out the press release from TELUS below. New SharePlus plan offers unprecedented value on any smartphone or tablet – […]

Bell Is Set To Sell The BlackBerry Q10 In White

First Wind, now Bell. Originally Rogers was the sole provider of the elusive white Q10. Now Bell is going to sell the Q10. Coming to stores on July 5th, at the same cost as the black one. It will be $200 on a 3-year contract or you can pay $700 outright.

Get A Verizon BlackBerry Q10 On Amazon, Selling For A Low $99

You can now get a Verizon BlackBerry Q10 through Amazon. Coming in both black and white, it sells for a respectable $99 on a new contract. That seems to be the only catch, that it has to be a new contract rather than a renewal. You would have to sign for either an individual plan […]

Rogers Makes Change To Upgrade Fee

Coming days after the CRTC new rules, this one actually only affects Rogers subscribers who got a subsidized phone prior to Jan 22, 2012. A lot of people have probably updated after that or the upgrade fee is pretty low if you haven’t upgraded since before that date. Rogers new upgrade fee has increased. So […]

CRTC Makes Some Big Changes That Are Actually Beneficial To Canadian Wireless Consumers

The CRTC has gone and made some major changes to how cell phones and contracts will be handled in Canada. One of the major points that I like about the new rules, is that you can terminate your contract after two years with no cancellation fees. You would only owe what is left on the […]

New Program At TELUS Allows You To Make Payments For Your Tablet

If you were unsure about buying the upcoming Playbook 4G LTE because you didn’t like the price, then you will like the new repayment program. TELUS gives you the option of signing onto a 1 or 2 year term and then making small monthly payments to pay off your balance. Here are the details: When […]