PT RIM Indonesia Receives Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award 2012

Considering how popular Blackberry is in Indonesia, this news while awesome, is not entirely surprising. RIM Marketing Director Eka Anwar was on hand to get the award, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) 2012 ceremony at the Gran Melia Hotel in Jakarta. What he had to say about receiving the award: “We are honoured to receive […]


Video: Case Study – Edge Imaging (Animated) Uses The Playbook To Help With Sales

Edge Imaging gave their sales team the Playbook to help with their sales. The case study video shows how using the Playbook helps out with customer service and how Blackberry is still useful in the workplace. hit the break for the video!

South West Train Guards Will Receive 850 Blackberries To Provide Better Customer Service

Starting in March 2012 front line customer service staff will have a Blackberry smart phone, with the intention of the phone helping to provide better customer service. Currently, SWT is using pagers, so this is a huge upgrade because there will be 850 Blackberries used in the new system. How will the Blackberries do their […]