More Leaked Slides Point Towards August 31st Launch For The BlackBerry 9900 On T-Mobile

If any of the previous leaked documents didn’t have you fully convinced that we would be seeing the new BlackBerry 9900 dakota on T-Mobile before the end of August, this should just about do it for you.  As you can see from the leaked slide the Target Launch for the 9900 is August 17th for the Entreprise […]


Leaked Videos: BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 Dakota and BlackBerry Touch 9860 Monza Commercials

With BlackBerry World right around the corner we have seen lots of leaked specs and videos. Today we have two leaked commercials of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 and BlackBerry Touch 9860 for your viewing pleasure! Hit the break to watch the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 and the Touch 9860 promo videos!

Leaked: Full Spec for the BlackBerry Dakota 9900

Finilly a full spec sheet on the BlackBerry Dakota 9900! It appears that RIM has gone with the QC8655 prcessor, which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8655. The Dakota is looking really nice now!

Confirmed/Rumor?!?: Apollo, Dakota and Torch 2 Headed to TELUS!?!

Our super spy @friendlysmoker just DMed the above tweet to us. It looks as though he was able to confirm through TELUS that they will be in fact launching the BlackBerry Apollo, Dakota and Torch 2 first week in August.  This is awesome news for all of you on TELUS. What next generation BlackBerry are […]

2011 GSM BlackBerry Roadmap Leaked, All Kinds Of Goodness

A few weeks ago we saw the CDMA roadmap leak, and finally we now have a GSM roadmap.  There is thought and rumor that this may be T-Mobile’s BlackBerry roadmap due to the Torch 2 being “under consideration”, but we can imagine that the other models will be launched on all GSM carriers around the same time. […]

UAProf Doc Outs The BlackBerry 9900, Is This The Bold Touch?

There have been rumors a plenty that the Bold Touch would fall under the model number 9900, which of course would make perfect sense.  A recent UAProf Doc has outed the BlackBerry 990, and while there is no hard evidence to prove that it is the Bold Touch the description seems to match. This UAProf […]

Liquid Lens Technology Headed to BlackBerry?

There is another new rumor floating around the rumor mill today. A source has informed TheBerryFix that RIM is planning on using the new liquid lens technology into the new BlackBerry Torch 2 and Bold (Dakota). The liquid lens rumor has flown before in the Magnum prototypes early this year. If you’re not sure that […]

AT&T stops selling the BlackBerry Bold 9700 due to launch of the BlackBerry Dakota?

There are more rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Dakota today. We all know AT&T has pulled the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Bold 9700 off their shelves and we have seen an AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9780. Fudzilla is now stating that AT&T may not be waiting for the BlackBerry Bold 9780, but more likely waiting for […]

The Storm 3 “Monaco” on the way to production? What is the BlackBerry “Montana”? 8900 or 9000 series??

  N4BB has stated that the BlackBerry “Monaco” which maybe the Storm 3 has gone in to production!?! Their source has stated that the Storm 3 will NOT have SurePress that is defenaty a step in the right direction. We still do not have any time frame as to when and if the Storm 3 with […]

Rumored Blackberry Dakota Pic And Specs Leak Out

The Dakota has been in and out of the rumor mill for quite awhile in the Blackberry world. Well today we have some leaked renders and some rumored specs to go off of. If you are unfamiliar with the Dakota is it rumored to be RIM’s first attempt at a touch-screen full QWERTY, with no […]

Blackberry Storm3 Codenamed Monaco; Bold Hybrid with Touchscreen Codenamed Montana.

As most of you know there has been a rumor for everyone and their dog concerning the Storm3.  The newest addition to the rumor mill is a Bold/Touchscreen Hybrid device, to be know as Magnum/Dakota. The only problem that we have run into with the Storm3 rumors is that we do not have a code […]