Fido Intros New $57/month Promo Plan, with Unlimited Plan!

Fido has jump on board to roll out their new service plans, similar to Virgin and Koodo Mobile, They have introduce a new set of $60 & $80 max plans, but they also have included a new $57 a month value pack plan. Hit the jump for the details:


Press Release: AT&T Launches New Data Plans, More Data for Your Money

With many other major mobile carriers going to tiered data plans is seems that, AT&T are making a few changes to their data plans. Within the new plans it allows more data for a better value, giving you the opportunity to squeeze out a little more data than before. The new plans are after the jump and hit […]

The 6gb/$30 Data Plan Is Back At Rogers

Every year for the past few years Rogers, like Telus and Bell, will come out with a 6gb/$30 plan. This usually coincides with the release of an Iphone or another big device. As it says in the picture, the deal is on until further notice.

Get $10/month Social Messaging Package From Verizon For The Blackberry Curve 9330

If you use Twitter, Facebook and MSN a lot, then this could be a good plan for you. It works out to about 75mb/month. This doesn’t include emails or web browsing.