Register today for the WatchDox by BlackBerry Live Product Demo

BlackBerry is hosting not one but two WatchDox by BlackBerry Live Product Demo’s on July 29th which is tomorrow. The first demo will begin at 10AM EDT and will last about one hour, the second demo is set for 8PM EDT and will also last about one hour. Join us for a live product demonstration […]

Check out the new BlackBerry Blend retail demo video!

As people are going through the new leaked OS, even more information is rolling out. In the past we have seen some BlackBerry Blend demos and now we have a full retail demo that was extracted for OS We already know that BlackBerry Blend will be available on a multitude of devices, so […]

QNX Bentley Demo at BlackBerry Live 2013

One of the many things that I enjoy are cars, so when the QNX Bentley rolled out on the stage during BlackBerry Live keynote I was awestruck. This car is amazing for anyone that enjoys technology and cars! The above video shows off just how powerful this Bentley is. Check it out and let us […]

BlackBerry Shows Off QNX Bentley In A Demo At BlackBerry Live

BlackBerry brought out a Bentley with QNX to show its features. Mark Rigley, of QNX, and Thorsten Heins were there to do the demo. This includes doing a software update for the vehicle through a BlackBerry 10 device.

Video Demos Show Up Online for the BlackBerry Q10

With the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 right around the corner for Canadians the BlackBerry Q10 support site, has posted some awesome video demos. These video demos show off a number of things on the BlackBerry Q10 from a basic overview to media and more. After the break you will find a full list of […]

BlackBerry Experience Forum Makes A Stop in New York City

The BlackBerry Experience has been making multiple stops for a while now and still has some to go. Their last stop was in Chicago yesterday and then they are headed to Dubai on the 13th. On the 4th they were in New York City and some video was recorded of the event. The BlackBerry Experience […]

Get BlackBerry 10 on iOS and Android Devices!

If you are an iOS or Android users and want to check out BlackBerry 10 look no further! You can now run a demo version of BlackBerry 10 on your device. This demo uses Blippar which is available in Apple’s iTunes store and on Google Play. All you have to do to get the virtal […]

Watch The BlackBerry Jam Europe Marmalade Demo

Check out this demo of Nick from the Marmalade team who is able to create a Blackberry 10 app very quickly. He was interviewed and gave the demo at BlackBerry Jam Europe.

Video Preview Of WordPress For BlackBerry 10

Check out this preview of WordPress for BlackBerry 10. It shows a quick demo of how to add posts to your blog, add pictures and more, all from the Blackberry 10 device.

Live BlackBerry 10 Demo on Stage at BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote

Mobile Link Vivek Bhardwaj of the BlackBerry 10 product team showcases BlackBerry 10 features live, on stage with Thorsten Heins at BlackBerry Jam Americas.

BlackBerry 10 Demo Video Shows Off True Multitasking Abilities!

Mobile Link Over the past few months we have seen quite a few RIM demo videos of Blackberry 10, but now we get to see a new video of just how it all works. The true multitasking abilities of the Blackberry 10 device of the home screen and the ability to swipe and change applications. Also in […]

NFC Video: Proximity Gaming Demo

Mobile Link This video shows an example of “Proximity Gaming”. Proximity Gaming is a term used to describe games which use Near Field Communications (NFC) to enrich the gaming experience in some way.

Demo Video Of The Blackberry 10 Keyboard

Shown at Blackberry World, you get to see the upcoming Blackberry 10 keyboard in action.It is for the all touch device, and RIM is planning for a device with a keyboard in the new year. In the meantime, this touch keyboard looks promising and easy to use with gestures, but isn’t the official one they […]

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Demo Website Now Up and Running!

Ever since the BlackBerry Curve 9220 was launched in India I have wanted to get my hands on it just so I could “tinker” with RIM’s latest device. Well, today RIM has set up a demo website just for the BlackBerry Curve 9220!

RIM Demos Media Sharing on BlackBerry 7.1 at Mobile World Congress 2012

Alex Bowker – Ecosystem Business Development Manager, RIM, gives a demo on the Media Server functionality available on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone. Alex shows you how you can share videos, music and photos with family and friends through with Media Server on a PlayStation 3 at Mobile World Congress 2012. Hit the break to […]

Check Out The Playbook OS 2.0 Demo Site

If you are in the market for a Playbook but aren’t sure about OS 2.0, then you should head down to this site. It lets you check out the new features of 2.0 using Flash. Or you can also see what you are about to update if you haven’t done so on your Playbook.

Video: Cut The Rope Featured On The Playbook At CES

Cut The Rope game for the Playbook was shown at CES briefly. Zepto Lab’s has already released it for Android and iOS and now you can have it on your Playbook. hit the break for the video!

Personalize your Tablet: BlackBerry PlayBook – How To Demo (Official Demo Video)

(Official BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Demo) Learn how to customize your BlackBerry Playbook. The demo will show you how to set your home screen wallpaper, move or hide apps, change settings, and much more.

BBM Multiplayer Game Pong Shot Released For Users In India

Pong Shot for Blackberry was just released. This is a BBM multiplayer game where you play a beer pong game against your friends in real time.

Video: BlackBerry Tag Gets Demoed!

IntoMobile was able to snag a three minute video of RIM demoing their up and coming BlackBerry Tag application using NFC. BlackBerry Tag will enable a ton of features utilizing the NFC capable BlackBerry smartphones. With BlackBerry Tag you will be able to