NewsRob Google Reader Is Ready For BlackBerry 10

NewsRob is a Google Reader client and for BlackBerry 10. One thing that you may find confusing is that it shows is being for the Playbook, and being released in March 2012 way before BlackBerry 10 existed. But apparently it does work on the Alpha Device. hit the break for the app description:

All In One Remote App For BlackBerry 10 Available For Playbook And Dev Alpha Owners

All In One Remote app is just like the other ones for Blackberry, except this one is for BlackBerry 10 and the Playbook. So if you have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, you can give it a shot. Be sure to watch the preview video after the app description.

DS Effects Releases New Games For Playbook And Dev Alpha Device aka Blackberry 10

DS Effects released 4 news games for the Playbook and included the Dev Alpha Device. Already we are seeing Blackberry 10 compatible games, so when it officially launches there will be lots to pick from. Best of all, all these titles are free! Space Worm-Let the worm eat fruits! Each collected fruit let the worm […]

Developers Will Have More Chances Later this Summer to Get Dev Alpha Devices

With the article we just posted about RIM’s VP Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, is Commitment To BB 10 Devs, There is a bit more information coming from @asaunders twitter account. In a tweet from @mikelcal to @asaunders “Does the delay in BB10 mean more opportunities to qualify for a Dev Alpha? The answer is YES, […]