Flooding in Bangkok Forces BlackBerry DevCon Asia to Relocate

RIM has been forced to move BlackBerry DevCon Asia to an alternate location, due to the extreme flooding in Thailand. Hit the break to see what RIM had to say about this issue.


Video Round up from DevCon 2011!

Wikitude at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011: Interview with Martin Herdina

Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification” at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Interview with BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 speaker Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification”.

BackBreaker Gets Demo On the BlackBerry PlayBook

We have seen alot of new games released and or coming to the Blackberry Playbook from DevCon. And RIM is really pushing the envelope with BackBreaker! This is a very popular game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS. I really have enjoyed playing this game and can’t wait to have it on my Playbook, the graphics […]

Interview with Seth Hitchings from Evernote at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Interview with Seth Hitchings from Evernote Corporation about Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook at BlackBerry DevCon 2011.

Updated your PlayBook to the 2.0 beta and want Bridge items to work? We may have an answer

  I am sure that I am not alone in this one, but I of course updated my PlayBook to the developer beta of version 2.0 and have since been missing my Bridge functionality.  Well I stumbled upon a neat little fix today while roaming around on Twitter, and while I have not been able […]

Press Release:Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash apps Will Run On BBX

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the BBX discussion, further info had to be investigated. And yes, Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash Apps Will run on the new BBX OS. hit the break for more info

RIM Shares How BlackBerry Devs Make Money in App World

RIM has shared some information at BlackBerry DevCon. Dr. Ronjon Nag, Vice President of Blackberry App World, gives stats from Blakcberry App World. Many of which we already knew, he stated that %13 of Blackberry Devloper make over $100,000 from the World of apps, which is considerably more than Android or Apple in which only 1% do. Hit the jump for a […]

Research In Motion Intros HTML5 Push WebGL 3D for Blackberry PlayBook Browser

RIM is focus on the future. And with HTML5 the new internet standard, RIM is making its devices including BB6, BB7 and PlayBook and future BBX devices HTML5 applications the standard as well. RIM included the showing of WebGL (OpenGL) the power of 3D gaming on the Blackberry Playbook. Hit the jump for more photos.

RIM Intros BlackBerry BBX and Other Developer Tools at DevCon Americas

With DevCon underway the much anticipated new OS, BBX has finally been officially announced and develops can now access the new Native Plabook Tablet OS SDK that includes Android Apps via Blackberry Runtime. Additional announcements and highlights from BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 include: – BlackBerry WebWorks and HTML5 apps compatible with current BlackBerry smartphones and tablets […]

Watch the BlackBerry DevCon Keynote live via Webcast!

DevCon 2011 officially gets underway way today! If you were not able to make it to San Francisco to attend DevCon, RIM will be making th keynote available to watch live!

Video: BlackBerry Packager for Android

With DevCon getting in full swing today, RIM has posted on their YouTube channel a video showing of the BlackBerry Packager for Android! BlackBerry Packager for Android: A step by step walk through on testing the compatibility of your Android app for PlayBook. Hit the break for the video!

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirms the BBX name, and claims it will “leapfrog” the competition

With BlackBerry DevCon 2011 starting tomorrow it looks like RIM is already putting their game face on.  In an interview RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has confirmed that the next generation BlackBerry OS will receive the BBX name.  Jim also went on to state that RIM has had to re-engineer themselves for the future and BBX […]

App Express, Fast Track App Porting, for All Android and Web Developers!

RIM has already stated and there was leaked version of the Blackberry Android App Player for the Blackberry Playbook. Using the app player, Android developers can port their applications to the blackberry platform. RIM is pushing developer to develop using the QNX, which is to be the new OS running the Playbook and soon to be unreleased […]

Developers To Get Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium For Free, If they attend Devcon

As you know Blackberry DevCon starts this Tuesday October 18th in San Francisco. For more info on that you can check out this link. If you are a Blackberry Developer, head down to the Adobe booth and you will get the Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium free!

Reminder: Last Chance to Register Online for BlackBerry DevCon Americas

Reminder BlackBerry DevCon Americas is scheduled for  October 18-20, 2011 in San Francisco Don’t delay, Register now!  Your last chance to register online for BlackBerry DevCon Americas is October 17. Attendees at the conference will all receive a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to help kick start the development of their next app! The conference in San Francisco […]

RIM sending out surveys asking about “lockscreens” and “enhanced search”

I seem to remember seeing this a little while ago, and I swear that one of my beta zone surveys covered this area in someway, but ti seems that RIM has been sending out surveys to select BlackBerry users to get their views on lockscreens, widgets, enhanced search and the like.  With QNX “superphones” coming […]

RIM to Revamp QNX as “BlackBerry X” or BBX at DevCon?

RIM obviously needs a new marketing plan along with all the other new changes coming about from RIM. And with the new devices coming about known to be running the new QNX OS the same OS that is powering the Blackberry Playbook. Churning up out of the rumor mill from Crackberry is that the new Blackberry […]

Unity Developed Games Coming to BlackBerry PlayBook, DevCon Maybe?

During BlackBerry World we saw video demo of a very nice upgaming game to the Blackberry Playbook called  Samurai Vengence II that comes about from Unity a game developer and was to launch over th summer, well that never happen so with the new OS 2.0 updated for the Playbook and DevCon just around the corner […]

RIM to have “Android PlayBook Development to BlackBerry Java Developers” Sessions

RIM has already stated and there was leaked version of the Blackberry Android App Player for the Blackberry Playbook. Using the app player, Android developers can port their application to the blackberry platform. RIM is pushing developer to develop using the QNX OS, which is the current OS running the Playbook and soon to be […]