Highlights from the Developer Beta build of BlackBerry 10.1 []

Yesterday the developer beta build of BlackBerry 10 os was released for the Dev Alpha B, Dev Alpha C and even the Z10.  Now of course we warn people this is only meant for developers and is not a final, or full build of the operating system.  With all that in mind, there is still […]

Devs: “BlackBerry is Back” at the Ottawa International Gaming Conference

The Ottawa Convention Centre will host this year’s, on May 29th – 31st the 2nd Annual Ottawa International Gaming Conference (#OIGC2013). The focus of this conference will showcase building on the success of application and gaming for mobile platforms, Anders Jeppsson, Global Head of Gaming for BlackBerry, will be in attendance with a session entitled ‘BlackBerry is Back!’ “Three […]

BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry Builder, Get Certified

BlackBerry has launched the BlackBerry Builder program. Developers get certified for Web Application Development and Native Web Application Development. To get certified you must write a test. So what’s the point in getting certified? BlackBerry will have an exclusive job board for those who get certified. Potential employers can check out the certified people who […]

Last chance to cast your votes for the BlackBerry Achievement Awards

With BlackBerry Live slowly creeping up on us, time is running out to cast your votes for the BlackBerry Achievement Awards that get handed out in Orlando.  Today is the last day that you can submit your vote for who you think should win.  The BlackBerry Achievement Awards (formerly the Wireless Achievement Awards) aim to recognize […]

MMMOOO Featured As BlackBerry Developer Success Story

Every so often BlackBerry does a BlackBerry Developer success story. This gives the developer the opportunity to gain more exposure for their apps. MMMOOO is the latest developer to be featured on the BlackBerry Developer website. Probably most known for their themes, they have already starting making apps for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices start to get into the hands of some developers

BlackBerry announced a while ago that they would be providing select developers with a Dev Alpha C device to help them prepare their apps for the Q10.  Well it seems that the Dev Alpha C devices are now starting to get into the hands of some developers.  Word is that the Dev Alpha C has only started […]

BlackBerry now has more than 100,000 apps in BlackBerry World

Today BlackBerry has hit a milestone for the platform, they now officially have over 100,000 apps in BlackBerry World.  Now mind you a lot of those apps are not ones you would want to install on your device, but that goes for both iOS and Android, who are the leaders in the app gap race.  The addition […]

BlackBerry’s Anders Jeppsson to speak at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

Some of you may be wondering who Ander Jeppsson is, but if you like playing games on your BlackBerry device you should know who he is.  Anders is the Global head of Gaming at BlackBerry, and he is the man behind bringing most of the big names games to the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10.  Next […]

BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition Hits eBay

This may shock some it may not, the BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition that was being shipped out to qualifying developers has landed on eBay.. The starting bid on this device is at $999.00 CAD or $974.35 USD that is still a ton of cash. I am sure after seeing this more people will be putting […]

BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition Now Shipping in Canada

Hey developers check your mail boxes as it seem BlackBerry is currently shipping out the red BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition or LE for short to developers in Canada that qualified for the device! This news comes from Joey Beechey who posted the above photo of the LE device on Twitter this morning. According to Joey […]

Port-A-Thon Reviews To Be Done By March 12th

At least that is what BlackBerry is saying. Back in January, BlackBerry held Port-A-Thons. Developers have been waiting since then for BlackBerry to review and approve their apps. That is a long time to wait, considering how badly BlackBerry wanted these apps to be ported.

Built for BlackBerry and $10K Commitment Program dates get cleared up

It seems that there has been some confusion amongst the developer community as to what dates, and approvals were required to be eligible for both the Built for BlackBerry and the $10K Commitment Programs.  Well Alec Saunders has taken to the BlackBerry DevBlog to clear everything up, and it contains some very important information for […]

Spotify rumored to be coming to BlackBerry 10

If you are a fan of streaming music then I am sure you are familiar with Spotify.  It is one of the apps that we were hoping was going to come to BlackBerry 10, and today there are some new rumors about just that.  According to Niko over at N4BB, he has seen a pre-release […]

Porting Qt Applications To BlackBerry 10 Guide Released

BlackBerry has released a guide to making it easier to port Qt apps over to BlackBerry 10. So if you are a developer who has Qt apps written in C/C++/ QML/JavaScript and want your app on the BlackBerry 10 platform or want to write new Qt C++, QML and/or JavaScript code for BlackBerry 10, then […]

BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam Coming To London On March 7th

If you are interested in learning more about developing for BlackBerry 10, then a BlackBerry Jam event is perfect for you.  There will  be a BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam held in London on March 7th that will provide developers will all kinds fo useful tips and tricks to make great apps.  Hit the break for […]

Devs: BlackBerry Updates UI Guidelines to Support QWERTY Devices

With the release of the new BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices leading up to the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 devices. BlackBerry has updated their UI guidelines for the new 1:1 aspect ratio and 720x720px screen. Devs you can get information on all of the new updated documentation from the link below including updates for Actives Frames, and new […]

Inside BlackBerry DevBlog Interviews With Jerome Carty And Kyle Fowler

The Inside BlackBerry DevBlog has posted up a few interviews today that they had with some of the developers that are over in Amsterdam for BlackBerry Jam Europe.  Two of the more known devs, Jerome Carty (Blaq) and Kyle Fowler (Foursquare), took some time to chat with Alex Kinsella about BlackBerry 10 and their individual […]

BlackBerry Provides Updates to Developers at BlackBerry Jam Europe

BlackBerry announces updates to SDKs, reward programs, opens BlackBerry World vendor portal for BlackBerry Q10 app submissions Feb 5, 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands –  At its second annual BlackBerry® Jam Europe developer event, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today provided updates to the BlackBerry developer community, including updates to the BlackBerry® 10 developer toolkit, new benefits […]

BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition Shows Its Colour At BlackBerry Jam Europe

We knew that we were going to see the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition device at BlackBerry Jam Europe.  We also knew that it was going to be a unique colour compared to the other BlackBerry 10 devices.  Well we know have a picture of the LE in all its colourful glory.