BlackBerry Link for PC Updated to v1.0.1.11

The BlackBerry Link Software for PC has been updated to v1.0.1.11 and is available for download. The update lets you import contacts and calendar appointments from Microsoft Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, along with other improvements to the user interface. You can sync and share media files, such as music and photos, between your BlackBerry […]


How To: Take Screenshots with your Mac OSX of your Blackberry Smartphone!

I take several screenshots with my Blackberry Smartphone daily! One of the features that I wish that could be done using my Mac. And with some simple instructions now it can be done. Hit the jump to find out how. To take a screenshot of the active display on a BlackBerry® smartphone, complete the following steps:

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v7.1.0.33 Now Out of Beta and Adds Support for “Mobile Network Enabled Tablets”

BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 7.1 has been in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for some time now, and RIM has finally released BlackBerry Desktop Manager v7.1.0.33 for the whole world to enjoy! This update adss support for “mobile network enabled tablets”. This update also adds better support for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha.

How To: Force Detect When BlackBerry Desktop Software Does Not Detect the Device

Well I have had a real crappy morning, I woke up to find my BlackBerry Bold 9900 turned off and plugged into the charger. I thought to myself WTH? My Bold never gets turned off unless I am doing a battery pull. So I unplugged my Berry and pressed the power button to turn the […]

Do You Run Linux and Own a BlackBerry? Well Make Sure You Check Out LinBerry DM!

Are you running Linux on your PC? Hate the fact there is little to no support for BlackBerry? Well you are in luck today as there is a new option for you to use, LinBerry! LinBerry Desktop Manager for Linux!

BlackBerry Desktop 7 Enters the BlackBerry Beta Zone

I have been in formed that RIM has set up a new beta program in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The new beta is for BlackBerry Desktop Software 7. As of now I do not have access to the beta so I am limited on what I know at this time. Head on over to the […]

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Updated to v2.1.2.8

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac has been updated to v2.1.2.8! This update includes support for BlackBerry 7 devices and that appears to be it. BlackBerry 7 devices now supported: Support for new smartphones: BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810 BlackBerry® Torch™ 9850

UberSocial DM Privacy Issue Quickly Addressed!

Early today we told you about UberSocial DM’s can be seen by the public?. UberMedia has now addressed the privacy issue via the above Tweet and UberMedia’s Blog. Earlier today, we were informed by Twitter of an issue in which direct messages sent using the SMS convention “D username” that were greater than 140 characters, […]

UberSocial DM’s can be seen by the public?

So it appears DM’s longer then 140 characters sent through UberSocical can be seen by the public.

Released and Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager v2.0.0 for Mac Released in Beta Zone & Leaked for Public

The title states released and leaked in the same section, How could that be? Well its simple RIM Released DM v2.0.0 for Mac users in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and then someone leaked it out to the general public. Desktop Manager v2.0.0 or DM v2.0.0 for short has been a long time in the making, and […]

Updated: BlackBerry Desktop Manager version

RIM released BlackBerry Desktop Manager v. today. This is the first update since the oringal release. There is no change log available, most likely it was just bug fixes. Still nothing for the Mac users out there… Tell us what you think of the new DM by dropping us a line here on this post or head over to […]

Leaked:Desktop Manager

Wow the guys over at are leaking like there is no tomorrow! It has been along time since we last saw a leaked DM, so thank you for the leak.. Desktop Manager As always, share you comments, questions on our forums.