NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Tether for BlackBerry for only $24.97

    Have you ever been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your Blackberry but wished you could use your laptop? Tether is here to provide a solution to all those worries! Tether is an […]


NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Ultra Call Blocker Plus for only $2.49

  Get more control over who calls you with Ultra Call Blocker Plus. Stop telemarketers, harassing collection agencies, annoying auto dialing fax machines, or any other number or area code you do no wish to contact you with our advanced call blocking filters. This powerful app allows you to block any type of call and […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Business Card Reader for only $4.97

      Import contact information from business cards directly to your BlackBerry contacts! Just take a photo of a business card and a New Contact is added! If you live active business and social life, contact partners, conduct negotiations, make business deals, you usually exchange business cards. Eventually you get tons of business cards […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: HotkeyManager for only $2.99

  Get the Top Rated, Best Selling, and Most Easy-to-Use BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager to Boost Up Your Mobile Experience. Best choice for BlackBerry with a solid Keypad! HotkeyManager is a must-have keyboard shortcut manager for BlackBerry owners. With HotkeyManager, you can easily create and manage shortcuts to applications, phone calls and system utilities for […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: FlipSide MP3 Player for only $4.97

    A visually stunning music player for your BlackBerry smartphone. Flipside shows full cover album art for your music files, and lets you swoosh through your music collection with a flick of the trackball. Other highlights include downloadable cover art – so you can fill out the missing art in your collection – and […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Liquid Dream Tones for only $2.49

  All DreamTone packs from DreamTheme include over 20 impressive tones, professionally crafted and engineered in world-class studios. Use them to complement your custom PrimeTheme or LiveScreen! Visit DreamTheme  to listen to high quality samples and download a pack today! Features: Chooser app icon appears on device desktop or in download folder Minimum Requirements: All […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Color ID – LED Status Light Customizer for Email, Incoming Calls and SMS for only $2.99

Know instantly who or where an email, sms or incoming call is from just from the colors of the flashing light on your Berry! * Please note this application WILL require a battery pull after download. If you are experiencing problems starting Color ID, pull the battery, and try again after the device has finished […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: MemoryBooster – RAM Optimizer for only $4.99

Boosts your device speed by recovering wasted memory. How it works: If memory is wasted, MemoryBooster improves the memory management of the BlackBerry Java Virtual Machine JVM which optimizes the device performance and stability. MemoryBooster recovers lost memory that is then free and can be assigned to running applications. You will see your applications running […]

Deal of the Day from the NerdBerry Store: Super QWERTY, One key to access all applications Pick It Up Today Only $1.99!

Super QWERTY enable you to quick access your applications like Messages, SMS, Tasks, Browser, BBM, Calendar, Google Maps, Gmail, Opera, MyPhone, Ever Light II etc just with one key. New features add bookmarks launch support! A must have tool on Blackberry. kindly input your PIN No. while filling the buying form. Your PIN number can […]

Deal of the Day:Ringtones Maker – Create Unlimited Ringtones From Personal Music for only $9.99

  Ringtones Maker is a windows application that enables you to create your own custom ringtones for free from your own music (mp3 or other kind of audio tracks). You can make unlimited ringtones. This process is as simple as * Select one of the music files from your computer. * Select part of the […]

Deal of the Day from the NerdBerry Store: Wifi Media Backup Pick It Up Today Only $4.29!

  *New application – special introductory price* ##CCApps One year anniversary SALE! – ONLY $4.99## ============================================== Money Back Guarantee! – If you are not 100% satisfied with this application, we will give your money back. No questions asked. ============================================== “Chocolate Chunk Apps has just made Wi-Fi on your BlackBerry more useful with WiFi Media Backup. […]

Deal of the Day from the NerdBerry Store: EasyBartender 12000 Recipes Today Only $2.56 !

  More then 12000 alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktail recipes with a simple search and a full description of each one with ingredients, preparing, garnishing method and a glass type to serve. Want to create a party your friends will never forget? Or suggest a club bartender your favorite drink? EasyBartender is what you need! A […]

Deal of the Day from the NerdBerry Store: BerryWeather Today Only $4.97! Now compatible with OS 6!

You can pick up BerryWeather in the NerdBerry Store for $4.97 today only here *** If you are upgrading from a previous 1.x version of BerryWeather make sure you uninstall the previous version before installing BerryWeather 2.x *** BerryWeather is a visually stunning weather application for your BlackBerry smartphone. Get instant access to current conditions plus […]

Deal of the Day from the NerdBerry Store: AddOnis Now Only $3.49 Now compatible with OS 6

      Now compatible with OS 4.5, 4.6, 5.0 AND OS 6.0!! AddOnis is the All-In-One utility that your Blackberry can not be without! Nominated for the Best Utility App of 2009. With the installation of only one small file, AddOnis adds features normally added by multiple utilities – and with AddOnis – all […]