BBM for Android hits 100 Million downloads

Since launching in October 2013 BBM cross-platform on Android, BBM has hit a brand new milestone! BBM on Android has been downloaded 100 million times from Google Play. BlackBerry states: BBM for Android has officially achieved a milestone on the Google Play Store: 100 million installs. That puts BBM in the top tier of messaging […]

BlackBerry World Sees Other Countries Buying Up Music

Sort of a follow up to last week’s post about music accounting for 20% of sales in BlackBerry World. Specific countries, such as Brazil are seeing local content already available at BlackBerry World. And it should be noted that the Z10 is yet to be for sale there.

BlackBerry World Sees 20% Of Purchases Being Made On Music, Says BlackBerry Exec

BlackBerry has never been big on the music. They tried BBM Music and that was a bust. And when you think of BlackBerry you aren’t thinking about listening to music on it. BlackBerry 10 has obviously changed that way of thinking because music is accounting for 20% of purchases made at BlackBerry World.

RIM Post Top Paid BlackBerry Apps of the Last Three Years from Blackberry App World!

The BlackBerry App World storefront turned three years old this week. It’s generated more than 2 billion downloads since launch and now has over 70,000 apps in the catalog. And while we’re very proud of the work that has gone into BlackBerry App World, we’re especially appreciative of the tens of thousands of developers that have […]

Carrier Billing Accounts for 34% of App World Paid Downloads

Here is some more great information from RIM during Mobile World Congress 2012! The slides below show that carrier billing accounts for 34% of paid apps, PayPal with 23% and credit cards hitting a wooping 43%.