WYSIWYG Editor for Cascades

Back in May @alexkinsella put up a post on the BlackBerry Developer Blog about Cascades Builder an extension to the QNX Momentics IDE (integrated development environment). The post highlights how the tool helps developers be more efficient with things like Photoshop integration, source editing and live previews. In typical BlackBerry fashion the post doesn’t stop there, there are hints of things to […]

Notes on Pictures: Add a Little Something Extra to your BlackBerry Photos!

There’s nothing like a picture… Yes, but sometimes you wish you could add a little personal text before you sent it to your dear friends. With Notes on Pictures, nothing is easiest ! Pick a picture on your BlackBerry or use your camera, add text, maybe your BBM profile image and your BBM name.

New Photo Editor Shows Up in BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha With Instagram-like Filters

Research In Motion has BIG BIG plans with BlackBerry 10 from new native applications to awesome hardware specs.There have been several things slowly leaking out about BlackBerry 10 and today is no exception. In the images below as well as the video below you will get a glimpse of the new native photo editor for […]