“Should I stay or Should I go?” – What do strategic alternatives mean for BlackBerry fans

Today there was some troubling news for BlackBerry fans.  While there have been rumors about BlackBerry looking into options for selling the company over the last year, but today BlackBerry released a press release stating that they are forming a committee to look for “strategic alternatives”.  So what does this mean for BlackBerry fans and […]

Is that a BlackBerry? No its the Motorola Defy Pro

First of all before everyone gets all worked up about the title, I am well aware that the Android OS is different from BlackBerry 7 and that the apps ecosystems are not the same.  However if we are looking at design and market specific targeting there is no doubt that the Motorola Defy Pro has […]

Editorial: The Malaise, The Bad and The Ugly – A Look at RIM’s Q1 Earnings

Today we read and heard about RIM’s Q1 earnings for their 2013 fiscal year.  While there is a lot of bad and ugly news, there was still a bit of relatively ok news.    The worst news of all is that BlackBerry 10, the “Savior OS” that was going to bring RIM back into the […]

iOS 6 announcement leaves BlackBerry 10 unswayed in RIM’s intended position

Yesterday at the keynote for WWDC, Apple unveiled the new features of iOS 6.  It has been speculated that iOS 6 and the new iPhone (whether it be iPhone 5 or whatever they decide to call it) would mean the automatic failure of BlackBerry 10.  After watching the keynote and reading up on all the […]

Thoughts on the press release from RIM CEO Thorsten Heins

Today we have seen a press release from RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins talking about the future of the company.  Now of course there are many people who will not care for all the formal “CEO speak” that is required in a press release, but it is important that we all understand what exactly he was […]

Editorial: My future with BlackBerry by @79stanger

A very good friend of mine (@79stanger) wrote the following editorial below. He has summarize the way a lot of media outlets and people feel about BlackBerry in general. I thought this was too good not to post on NerdBerry and he is a very addicted NerdBerry user. Please leave your comments below and be […]