Check Out all of the New BBM Emoticons!

As we mentioned this morning BalckBerry is currently in the roll out process with the new BBM for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10. This new update iincludes a lot of new and great things including about 100 brand spanking new BBM Emoticons! Check out the BBM periodic table below. Let us know what new emoticon […]


Check out the hidden BBM Emoticons!

It is always great to find Easter eggs in anything from video games, movies to BBM. In this case as we have seen in the past BlackBerry has placed some great emoticons in BBM! A huge thanks to Pat Wallace for finding these great emoticons some of us have never seen before. Below you will see […]

Get All The BBM Emoticons On Your Iphone Or Android BBM

BlackBerry users already know about all the available emoticons or special characters for BBM. The BBM for all that was launched for the Iphone and Android does not have the whole set. There are a number of them missing. The guide below seems to fill the gap of the missing ones. Read on for instructions […]

BBM 7 Brings 16 New Emoticons!

Research In Motion has just announced and released BBM 7 with voice chat into the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Along with the voice chat feature RIM also added 16 brand new emoticons! If you ask anyone on the NerdBerry team they know I love using emoticons. The emoticons range from weather clouds to a drooling smiley.

Update and Customize your BBM Status with Easy Smiley Pack!

The Easy Smiley Pack has receive a nice update that now allows you to update your BlackBerry Messenger with  hidden smileys and emoticons. Customize your BlackBerry Messenger messages now and surprise your buddies! Also new is the BlackBerry Messenger status customization, you can now add smileys and flags, and digits to your BBM status and profile name! Making this is a […]

RIM Gets Sued For Using Emoticons…

Varia Holdings LLC has filed a patent infringement case against against RIM for infringing on US Patent 7167731 titled “Emoticon input method and apparatus.” The patent states:

BBM Easy Smiley Pack for v1.0.8 for Free

Our good friends over at BlackBerry Empire have come across this very cool app called Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Easy Smiley Pack gives you access to over 250 emoticons for free! Features: 250+ Smilies Plugs into BBM Instructions BBM launch out of application Easy to use The emoticons will show up on […]

“Empathy” Blackberry Concept Device Brings Mood Rings To The 21st Century

Mobile Video Link If you have ever found the standard Blackberry emoticons a little bland, there is a new concept device that is trying to make sure every one of your contacts is well aware. The Empathy is a concept dreamed up by Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon for a RIM sponsored project at the […]