Play CPC(8bit) Games On Your BlackBerry 10 Device With BB-CPC

Michael Ryssen is the genius behind this new app. You may recognize the name because he also created DoomGLES and HereticGLES apps. BB-CPC sticks with the same type of app, it can play CPC(8bit) games on your BlackBerry 10 device and Playbook. CPC where the app name is derived from, is actually from Amstrad CPCs, […]

PSP Emulator PPSSPP for BlackBerry 10 Updated v0.7

Mobile Link The PPSSPP team has been working on the PSP emulator for BlackBerry devices.  The newest update v0.7 and now it is available for sideloading with updates to include: Compatibility has gone up dramatically speed has increased drastically (especially on mobile) There’s even horizontal tilt control Some newly playable games are God of War (very slow though, […]

PlayStation Portable Emulator (PPSSPP) Headed to BlackBerry 10!

  Mobile LinkTalk about great applications for BlackBerry 10, Developer xSacha will be launching The PlayStation Portable emulator or PPSSPP emulator application by the time BlackBerry 10 launches! The emulator will bring a lot of the classic titles to the BlackBerry 10 platform. We hope to see more emulators launched on BlackBerry 10 as well.

Respect the Classics – Pokemon and other GameBoy games at home on your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry OS may be Java based, but who ever said Java was dead? Even now as RIM pushes HTML5 as the future of web apps, there is a common glue and that’s java-script. Even Android uses a customized version of JAVA and Objective C/C++. With that said take your BBOS back to its roots with […]

Nintendo 64 Emulator (Mupen64Plus-PB) Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Well well well look what the cat has drug in… It is a Ninrendo 64 emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook! The Nintendo 64 Emulator is called Mupen64Plus-PB for the BlackBerry PlayBook and it is in the beta stages from what we are hearing, but it does run.

iOS Emulator (Brine) for PlayBook Gets Caught on Film!

  Mobile LinkWell here we have a video that is showing off a new emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook called Brine. Brine is an iOS emulator that is meant to bring iOS applications to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The developer behind Brine is Bubble Wrap. Bubble Wrap reached out to Sacha (one of the devs behind […]

PCSX-ReARMed-PB – PlayStation Emulator Now Available for the PlayBook

This is great news for us PlayBook owners, thank to Catalystg for releasing PCSX-ReARMed-PB! PCSX-ReARMed-PB is a PlayStation Emulator that has been ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Megadrive DGEN Emulator for SEGA Genesis has been Updated to v1.0.0.4!

Yesterday we let you know that Megadrive DGEN Emulator for SEGA Genesis has been Ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook! Well Megadrive DGEN Emulator for SEGA Genesis has been updated to v1.0.0.4, this update includes tons of fixes and much much more! Hit the break to find out what’s new!

Megadrive DGEN Emulator for SEGA Genesis has been Ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Megadrive DGEN emulator has been ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook! What is Megadrive? Megadrive is SEGA Genesis  Emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Just the other day we saw ans NES emulator ported to the PlayBook.

FCEUX the NES Emulator for the PlayBook

If you are like me and like the old school NES games the you really need to check out FCEUX the NES Emulator for the PlayBook. Hit the break for more info plus a very cool video!