Mugen Power now offering 3800mAh extended batteries to keep your Z10 powered

We have done our fair share of reviews on Mugen Power’s extended batteries in the past. It did not take them very long to produce an extended battery for the BlackBerry Z10. Our good buddies over at BBE spotted this beauty! Mugen is offering a 3800 mAh extended battery with a battery door that also […]

Onite 3200mAH BlackBerry Bold 9900 Batteries only $20 from Amazon!

I use my BlackBerry frequently, checking emails, BBM’s or streaming using BBMusic love it all, but what I hate most is having to constantly keep charging my BlackBerry! What better way to keep up with me and all the juice I need for the day that than of a battery will a little extra power to keep […]

Review: Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/9930

  Mobile Link  Have you ever been out and about and realized your BlackBerry was on the verge of dying, no wall outlet or power block in sight? Well I know this has happened to myself many of times. I do tend to carry my wall charger as well as a power block with me […]

Review: myCharge Portable Power Bank 3000

My BlackBerry Bold 9900 goes wherever I go, and I go everywhere. I’m constantly on my phone throughout the day, whether that be in class, the library, or running errands, plus posting articles onto NerdBerry while simultaneously being on the move. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using a Bold 9900, you might be unaware, but […]