Countdown To Christmas Features Again!

This time last year we seen it hit our featured shelves on our PlayBooks and BAM! it’s back on again. The Christmas Countdown is a Free app that was developed by PCRx 3 years ago and it was featured on the legacy devices then and OS10 twice since. It is a webworks app that boots […]


21 Reasons BlackBerrys Are Better Than iPhones, Buzzfeed Sites Lists Of Reasons Why

I love Buzzfeed. I read it pretty much everyday. It seems like they have an article or list for everyone. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about BlackBerry(duh). Buzzfeed has gone and written a 21 point list of reasons why BlackBerry is better than the Iphone. This list wouldn’t have been out of place […]

TIFF Images may cause Vulnerabilities in BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Vulnerabilities exist in components of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that process TIFF images for rendering on the BlackBerry smartphone. The systems that allow BlackBerry images to display may become vulnerable to a remote access attack to the BES Server. Currently no attacks targeting the BlackBerry Enterprise Server but, BlackBerry has identified the problem and is encouraging […]

Devs: devworx has Announced the BlackBerry 10 Apps Challenge Contest!

With the release of the BlackBerry 10 application most devs are cranking out amazing apps for us to use with the new BlackBerry platform. If you have yet to jump on board now is a great opportunity for you to do so. Participate in devworx BlackBerry 10 Apps Challenge contest and win assured prizes!

Alec Saunders: There is No Better Time – Carpe Diem Devs

RIM announced earlier today the partnership using the Appcelerator, and Alec Saunders, VP, Developer Relations & Ecosystems, Research In Motion, has given us more insight to the new opportunity and advantages of developing for BlackBerry 10, hit the jump to check out the full read! 

DingleBerry Root Tool for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v3.3.3

Well that didn’t take long The DingleBerry team has updated their PlayBook root exploit tool to v3.3.3! This update includes some bug fixes and more hit the jump to get the full change log as well as update your Blackberry Playbook with the latest root!

Video Collection Of Blackberry DevCon Asia 2011

Check out this extensive collection of videos from Blackberry DevCon Asia 2011. With topics ranging from Blackberry Jam to games on the Playbook, DevCon was really didn’t miss a thing! hit the break for the videos

Enlarge Your Pants Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

OK Wow! Enlarge you pants! Start the game by pulling and releasing your character and the objective is to keep your bear bouncing through the beach for as long as possible. This game is much like Penguin Toss, but thier are SUPER or HELPER bears. And characters with special abilities to help you enlarge your pants […]

Poynt Featured in Latest BlackBerry App World Commercial

Mobile Link Poynt seems to be everywhere these days with awesome updates featuring Local Events Look Up and more. Well there are back now and being featured in the latest Blackberry App World commercial. you can download Poynt for free in App World. Be sure to check out Poynt gets a small update to v1.7.0.56. […]