Nutty Player For BlackBerry 10 Gets An Update

Nutty Player has been updated and they’ve done a lot of fixing. The app is now a v1.0.0.108. When the app first came around it wasn’t well received. But now that they’ve made changes, hopefully it will change your mind. What’s in the update? Video list loading issue fixes Application startup issues fix MKV format […]

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Game Comes To BlackBerry 10

You can now play the Despicable Me: Minion Rush game for BlackBerry 10. Fans of the Minions will enjoy the game, as it is true to their likeness, cute and animated like the minions themselves. The game play is also fun as you will find yourself in familiar Despicable Me locales. The game is free […]

ContactsImEx For BlackBerry 10, Get Your Contacts Sorted

ContactsImEx makes it easier to transfer your contacts list. You can import and export your contacts data from and to either a CSV (comma separated values) or vCard (*.vcf) format file. This is an easier way to transfer contact info rather than using both BlackBerry Link and Outlook. Features: – Import contacts from vCard format […]

Diaree Available For BlackBerry 10

Ever have one of those moments where you want to write something down, but keeping a physical journal isn’t really your style? Diaree is for people who want to keep track of their thoughts and ideas and put them to text. By having the app on your phone, all you need to take with you […]

Neatly For BlackBerry 10 Being Offered For Free In BlackBerry World

Looks like the Neatly app is being offered for free in BlackBerry World. Yesterday they tweeted that the paid version would soon be free. I guess today is soon then! Neatly is a Twitter client app that organizes your Tweets in an appealing way and does a whole lot more. Get the free download from […]

RSA SecurID® Software Token Launched For BlackBerry 10

RSA SecurID Software Token is now available for download on BlackBerry 10. RSA provides a two factor authentication for devices for added security. Those with a BlackBerry 10 device can now take advantage of that by downloading the new app. Read more about it on their website, here. Features Strong two-factor authentication to protected services […]

MyO2 App Debuts In BlackBerry World

BlackBerry 10 O2 UK users have been waiting a while for this. MyO2 allows you to keep tract of your current cell phone usage and bills. Features: Our Pay Monthly customers get access to – Recent charges to your account since your last bill – A bill summary, including your bill amount and next bill […]

Hotel Quickly App Launches For BlackBerry 10

Hotel Quickly is now available for BlackBerry 10. It allows you to find and book hotels fast. It is exclusive to Asia, but if you wanted to take a trip there, it would be worth looking into. Because who doesn’t want to save money on hotels? You can find out info on the hotel within […]

Cineplex’s Timeplay App Makes Its Way To BlackBerry 10

Cineplex is now offering their TimePlay app to BlackBerry 10 devices. TimePlay is an interactive game app that you play against other people and could win prizes. You download the app, then when you are at the movies, a Cineplex theatre, a game shows up right before the previews.

IT Manager App Now Available For BlackBerry 10

IT Manager is now available to download on BlackBerry 10 devices. Access your BlackBerry Servers on your device. It is easy to setup on your device, you only have to point the phone to the BlackBerry servers. Then you can deal with IT issues from anywhere.

UberSocial Gets An Update For Older BlackBerry Devices

UberSocial for Legacy BlackBerry phones got an update to v1.419. UberSocial is a Twitter client that supports BlackBerry devices going as far back as OS4.5. Some of the features include: Features: Inner Circle Don’t miss Tweets from your BFFs – Create a “favorite users” list and save yourself hassle searching for their Tweets in your […]

iRunner Now Available For BlackBerry 10

iRunner is originally an Android app but has been ported over to BlackBerry 10. At first I actually thought this was an exercise app. Nope! It’s a game. A running game, where Mr.I has to run through the course left and right. He has objects to collect such as batteries and gifts all while not […]

Puzzle Master Now Available For BlackBerry 10

What was previously for the Playbook only, has now come to BlackBerry 10. Puzzle Master is a unique spin on your standard puzzle game. Instead of playing puzzles already loaded, this one has you using your own content for puzzles.

Alien Flow For Reddit Launched At BlackBerry World

Alien Flow is the latest Reddit app made for BlackBerry 10. Reddit is a social news and entertainment website, registered users submit links and people will vote the submissions up or down.

Navita Translator For BlackBerry 10

Navita Translator has now come to BlackBerry 10. As with the older devices, the app translates and speaks words to you. It would be good to take this on a trip and not have to carry around a translation dictionary. Its biggest feature is that it can translate more than 60 languages.

Mini_Banner Live 10 Theme Available for BlackBerry Curve 93XX!

Alrighty @_Lucky45 and @drkapprentice have updated the awesome Mini Banner Live 10 theme for the BlackBerry Curves! Its the theme that we love, but with the addition of new BlackBerry 10 icons and updated skin for your calculator app. It is also available for the BlackBerry Bold 99XX also if you have yet to grab it. Hit the jump to download […]

Mini_Banner Live 10 Theme Available for BlackBerry Bold 99XX!

One of my favorite themes rocking on my current BlackBerry Smartphone is the Mini Banner Live theme, Well @_Lucky45 and @drkapprentice have one up the game a little bit bringing us the new Mini Banner Live 10! Its the theme that we love, but with the addition of new BlackBerry 10 icons and updated skin for your calculator app. Hit […]

MileageTracker App For BlackBerry 10 Devices

This is a simple but effective app. Keep track of your mileage on your Blackberry 10 phone. The app itself is free, if you want to export it to Excel, there is an in app payment.

PomTracker For The PlayBook Is More Than Just A Timer App

It is a productivity app. A timer and to do list rolled into one. Use it to make the most out of your day because you get 25 min slots to do tasks. Why 25 mins? The app itself is based on the Pomodoro Technique.

WeChat Joins The Cross Platform Messenger Gang

WeChat is already out for Android and iOS and now Blackberry. Chat with your friends among all the different platforms. My favorite is the variety of emotions and also the layout looks clean and unfussy. App Description: WeChat is the complete mobile communication and social networking app. Free, cross-platform, and full-featured, WeChat is the best […]