Ninja Zombie Slash Game For The Playbook

Bash and now Slash… Ninja Zombie Slash is pretty self explanatory. You slash up the Ninja Zombies for points. This was made by same people who created Fruit Bash. Get ready for blood and guts!

Absolute Radio Gets An Update

Absolute Radio for Blackberry got updated to v6.0. The update includes BBM integration. Get the free update/download at Blackberry App World.

VoipYO Offers Free VoIP Calls

You have to download MobileVoip in order to use VoipYO. Unlike a lot of the Voip providers in MobileVoip who charge you for using the service, VoipYO is free to use. This is a cross platform app, so callers who are on Android and iOS can use it too.

New App GeoMinder Is Launched

GeoMinder for Blackberry was just launched. You can set locations for tasks as a reminder. Like for your home, office, shopping etc. App Description: GeoMinder is a small, simple, sweet and yet powerful app for your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Get Badoo For Your Blackberry, The New Social Network

Badoo is the latest social network, and there is an app available for download on Blackberry. You can connect with old friends, make new ones or find a date. Check out Badoo’s site for more info.

LiveTracker App Free Download For Blackberry- Keep Dibs On The Whereabouts Of Family And Friends

This app is especially useful for people with employees. You can keep track of where they are (or at least where their phone is). The GPS info is available worldwide, so you can use it in any countries and there are no fees to use it either. Just one note, it is still in Beta […]

Photo Studio Gets Updated To v0.9.9 For Both The Playbook And Blackberry Versions

Photo Studio was updated to v0.9.9 and they did a number of updates to the app. This applies to both versions of the app for the Playbook and Blackberry. So what’s been updated? 27 new amazing effects! New “Summer Frames” pack Color Splash editor (available as BETA for devices with touch screen) New user interface […]

Antarctica Game For Blackberry Smartphones And The Playbook

Antarctica By Colombia Games is offering the game free for both Blackberry smartphones and the Playbook. Eskimo has to save all the frozen animals, get them together and they melt and are freed.

ShopWise Canada App From Yellow Pages, Find The Hottest Deals On Your Blackberry

Yellow Pages has just launched their ShopWise Canada app for Blackberry smartphones. Deals are listed by category, and you can also search for products as well. Get ready to save money!

Uppidy Service Keeps You Worry Free About Your SMS Storage

Uppidy is a service that you can use to store your sms messages. This way you don’t have to use your phone real estate to keep them all. It also comes in handy when you transfer to another blackberry or your device gets lost, stolen or broken. hit the break for a video preview!

CupidRadar- Online Dating Using Your Blackberry

CupidRadar is a free online dating service that uses your phone’s GPS to find other people signed up to their service who live near to you. Once they find results, you get an email with potential suitors. You can setup your account to get updated as much or as little as you want. They say […]

Fungitron – The Mushroom Guide For The Playbook

Fungitron The Mushroom Guide is an app for the Playbook that shows you how to get your Android app to Blackberry. This app was ported from Android to encourage Playbook app development.

Somyeol Jump and Run For The Playbook Plus Game Trailer

Somyeol Jump and Run is a free ad supported game for the Playbook. You control multiple Somyeols at once by running and jumping through the levels. There are 100 (!) levels to get through and as you go along, it gets more difficult! hit the break for the game trailer!

Talking Monkey App For Blackberry

These talking apps remind me of those bears they had back in the 90’s. Remember those? You would say something to the bear and it would say in back. Creepy, but entertaining. Anyway, Talking Monkey lets you do the same thing. Say something into your phone and he will repeat what you say. Bonus: No […]

Free Reddit In Motion App Gets An Update

Free Reddit In Motion for the Playbook got an update. So what’s in the update? – Login Support (Swipe down gesture) – Upvote and Downvote Posts – New navigation mechanism for easier browsing – Click on image thumbnail to view the full image

Infinite Apps Offers Two Apps Free For A Limited Time

Infinite Apps has the Idea Organizer Pro for the Blackberry Playbook, features include: • By using this application you can keep track of all your ideas. • Idea Organizer will accepts to add an idea in terms of text or picture or audio or combination of any format.

SMS Backup, Keep SMS Messages Stored In A Safe Spot

SMS Backup for Blackberry allows you to keep text messages but without having to store them on your phone. That is, whenever you send or receive a message, it will automatically forward the messages to your email. So if you lose your phone or run out of memory, you can use your email to check […]

Maxthon Web Browser For The Playbook

Maxthon is a web browser for the Playbook. It’s a nice alternative to the one that comes standard on the Playbook. It claims to also load popular sites faster than any other browser.

BigNote Puts Your Evernote Notes Onto One Screen

BigNote pretty much makes your Playbook into a screen of Evernote notes. It is integrated with Evernote and is easier to go through multiple notes at once.