Photo Studio PRO FREE for Boost and Virgin Mobile Customers

Photo Studio the awesome photo editing application has been updated as well as giving a nice promo for Boost and Virgin Mobile Customers giving them Photo Studio PRO FREE! Photo Studio for BlackBerry is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their BlackBerry into a fantastic photo editing studio […]

Verizon Mobile Conference Connection App Now Available For Blackberries

Verizon’s Mobile Conference Connection App is now available to download. It keeps track of meeting dates and details including participants.

Winamp App For The Playbook

The Winamp App for the Playbook was just launched. It’s a music player that I am sure a lot of you would recognize from years ago. It brings back memories for me, I used to like to change the skin. Get it for free from Blackberry App World.

Photo Studio For Blackberry Gets An Update

Photo Studio for Blackberry got update to v0.9.8.26. So what’s in the update? 14 new amazing effects in Vintage, Sketch and Art categories added corners and frames colors for PicFrames application special build for OS6 and higher device to choose photos in on click with new file picker

Seagull Poop Onslaught Game For Blackberry Smartphones

Yep.. a game based on seagull poop. You must save the world from the Seagull poop that’s falling. Well, at least you the game is free and amusing. Get it from Blackberry App World.

Wifi Manager App For Your Blackberry

This wifi manager app takes on the task of only turning on your wifi when you need it. That is, you don’t have to keep remembering to turn it on and off to save battery life. And it’s free to download plus good for older devices.

Save The Island Game For Blackberry Smartphones Supports Devices Running 4.6 Or Higher

Save The Island is a strategy game, it was a PC game before but the creators made it for the Blackberry too. The nice thing is, it can support devices running OS4.6, which is hard to come by. Finding games for older devices is becoming less likely. Anyway, it’s free, and even kids can play […]

Press Release: Slacker Radio Partners With NCAA For Broadcasts Of The 2012 NCAA Championship

If you have the Slacker Radio app, you can tune into the NCAA Championships. Listen to 67 mens NCAA Championship games, Women’s Basketball Championship, Men’s Frozen Four, the Men’s and Women’s College World Series and more. Slacker Radio for Playbook Download Slacker Radio for Blackberry Smartphone Download hit the break for the press release!

Miner Diary – Be The Monopoly, For The Playbook

MMMOOO is giving away this Miner game for the Playbook. It combines puzzle with adventure and some new stages have just been added. Collect rocks and gemstones before time runs out!

TrueCaller – Global Caller ID For Blackberry

TrueCaller takes CallerID to a different level. Instead of your standard only the number and maybe the name fare, you get more information. And once you have it, you can decide if you want to black list them on your phone. I mean how many times have you gotten a call from someone and looked […] For Blackberry Smartphones And The Playbook is a social integrated app that lets you check in through Facebook to see what your friends are watching on tv, see video previews and more.

Loudtalks, The Walkie Talkie App Now Goes By The Name Zello

Loudtalks “Push to talk” app changed it’s name to Zello. They changed it because Loudtalks wasn’t working didn’t have the effect they wanted. Features Zello is the new name of Loudtalks Public channels Works over WiFi or mobile data Touchscreen-friendly

FREE Theme: Mini Banner Theme For Your Blackberry 7 Device

The Mini Banner theme is Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 icons. Mini Banner Theme BlackBerry 7 is free at our Nerdberry Store. Download Mini Banner theme. Thanks to the developers behind the Mini Banner theme @_lucky45 and @drkapprentice!

Brainwaves – The Unexplainable Store App For Blackberry

The Brainwaves app from iMobLife offers you an opportunity for your brain to reach different states of consciousness in an instant. You can be in either Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta specific range.IMO this has to be the most intriguing app by far, and most interesting. And the best part is, you can get it […]

MobileVOIP For Blackberry Smartphones

MobileVOIP allows you to make free or cheap calls via their app. Just download the app and register with one of their supported VOIP companies and start calling. Even if it isn’t free, it will still be fairly low cost (the cost is displayed right on the phone!). You can also call pretty much any […]

Keep Your Kids Occupied With Free Memory Game For Blackberry Smartphones

There isn’t a ton of download worthy apps and games for Blackberries. And why would there be? Blackberry is typically more directed at the business crowd. Spice has put together a fun little memory game that you can download for your kids to play.

WordPress by Cellie Craze LLC App For The Playbook, Gets An Update

WordPress for The Playbook got updated to v1.4.1. With mostly bug fixes. With this app you can edit WordpPress posts right from the Playbook. Get the free update or download the app from Blackberry App World.

Space Blast Game For Blackberry Smart Phones

Space Blast Game was just launched for Blackberry smart phones. It’s like one of those bubble blasting games where you shoot a single color at bubbles that are all attached to each other. The goal is to get rid of them all before they come all the way down.

Junior Game For The Blackberry Playbook- Sperm Must Make It To The Egg

Kind of a strange premise, but if your teen doesn’t know where life starts, then perhaps you can show them this game (maybe not). As in real life, it is a challenge for the sperm “Junior” to make it to the egg and now you uh… get to experience it in a game. For Playbook […]

Viadeo Is The Latest Social Networking App For The Blackberry

Viadeo for Blackberry is a Business social networking app geared at professionals. It is a way for individuals to make contacts that they wouldn’t otherwise find. You can view millions of other profiles and add them as your contacts.